Sunday, 25 November 2012

2012 Best and/or Fairest night

The 2012 Theo Marmaras Medal for best and fairest was another tie, with Luke Byles and Dimi Tsiaras taking home the honours. Tsiaras won the media team of the year (voted for by the best damn media crew in the world, and me I think, that is if they counted my votes). Shaun Kelly won the golden boot obviously.

The Sam Papasavas Award for long time service to the club was awarded to John Kyrou & Cindy Nitsos, two long time volunteers. Apparently it doesn't equate to being awarded life membership though. Go figure.

The board/committee members seemed quite chipper about overcoming their recent problems. I mean, sure they have reason to be happy with themselves, but all that backslapping made me a feel a bit queasy. Or maybe that was just the calamari.

The rest? Byles' Hawaiian shirt was a shocker. The food ranged from bland to OK, and the soft drinks were watered down to buggery. It was a given that I wouldn't like the DJ's choice of music, but did he also have to play it so loud and distorted? In other words, the usual gripes from me.


  1. We've survived through our darkest hours cause of the hard work of Volunteers like Cindy & John.

    It is on account of members like than that we have clawed our way back to being in such a strong position and aspiring to be where a club with our history & infrustructure ought to be. , on the national stage, no less.

    I'm awed by people like that.
    Well done Cindy & John

    SMFC Member

  2. Given your connections, can you provide information on who took out U-21 honours? The lack of any information about, or even recognition of this year's team post-season (in light of the super-dooper academy now in place), astounds me.

  3. Fair comment, Anonymous, I'll try and dig up the information.


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