Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Latest NPL news - We're going to Bonnie Doon

Well, not quite.

Last week FFV released the list of successful NPL licence applicants. Now they've now released their proposed league structure. Having trouble keeping track of what's going on? Can't wait my upcoming long-winded article in Goal Weekly? Then here's the gist, from a South perspective.

  • We're in the NPL, which is the top tier of this thing.
  • So are the other eleven teams who would have been in the VPL in 2014, had it run.
  • Add to that two regional teams, Ballarat Red Devils and Goulburn Valley Suns.
  • The league starts in mid-March, ends in mid-September.
  • Everyone plays each other twice.
  • No finals, winner decided by first past the post.

Understood? See you all next time, when EVERYTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED. Well, maybe not.


  1. Let's wrap up the title nice and early. I'll be O/S for a good chunk of September and don't want to miss the fun.

    Is Goal Weekly! still a thing?

    1. Comes out in print during the summer these days.


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