Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fixtures and memberships released for 2014

Fixtures for the 2014 NPL Victoria season were released late on Wednesday. Among the many, many highlights:
  • An opening round match against the Bergers. On a Thursday. It's a good thing that no one who follows the VPL NPL works for a living, or has anything else to do, you know, like attending training or something.
  • Six of our first seven home games away. I can understand the first few - grand prix curse - but how they figured out the rest of that I'm not sure.
  • Our first home game on a Wednesday, which is brilliant for memberships.
  • Six consecutive home games in the middle of the season. 
  • A Wednesday game away to Bentleigh (public transport nightmare at the best of times), followed by a game 48 hours later away to Pascoe Vale.
  • Playing Ballarat Red Devils in rounds 5 and 7.
  • Not playing Northcote until round 19.
  • Having to wait until the final round for the Shepparton trip.

The fixture list as it relates to South is now updated under the 2014 Fixtures/Results tab on the blog. I can't wait until games start getting washed out, and pitches get torn up.

A stripped down affair this time around. The basic package is $120 ($90 concession), which is decent value for 13 home game at one of the premier soccer venues in the league. A pity about no social club yet, of course, but it's about the team on the park first and foremost - and how good was it when we started getting some decent crowds towards the end of last year, especially the Gully final?

Head to the club's membership portal site at to buy your membership for 2014. Nice to see they've decided to stick with last year's slogan, something to build upon in years to come.

More than ever it's important to support the club by becoming a member. It's a pity that the fixturing has done us no favours at all with regards to selling our product.

If you're in the corporate membership frame of mind, you'll have to wait a little longer.

Next friendly
This Saturday we're away to Springvale White Eagles. Seniors kick off at 6:00PM, under 20s at 4:00PM. Being the public transport black hole that it is, your correspondent may not be there for this one, but we'll see.

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  1. Fantastic cartoon. That is my favourite thus far.


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