Friday, 21 February 2014

Friendly against Hume City tomorrow (and other stuff)

Out at the newly refurbished Broadmeadows Valley Park, kickoff at 3:00. It'll be our first hit out against NPL opposition this year, so it will interesting to see how we go, I guess.

Catching up to where every competent blogger was in 2011
If you scroll down, you may have noticed that I've installed another gimmick onto the site, a Twitter feed doohickey with #NPLVIC as the guide. I promise that eventually I will try to provide at best only 49% of the posts on there. You can help me reach that goal, by filling it up with your own posts.

Melbourne Knights raise the media bar
Watch out SMFC Digital Media Team! A new competitor has entered the fray, with the Melbourne Knights announcing that they've hired the services of a couple of MFootball's staff to take their media presence to the next level. It'll be very interesting to see where this goes.

Also, have you noticed that their Twitter account is verified? Why isn't ours verified? I demand answers! Lift your game SMFC Digital Media Team.

(In my haphazard way of typing coupled with a lax attitude towards proofreading, I typed 'Mead' instead of 'Media'. How cool would that be though? Mead seems like the perfect drink for away days in the various frozen tundras of the NPL. It'd be easier to get a mead movement started at South if we had some hipsters around. The problem would then be that we had hipsters, since we're probably too late in trying to get Ethiopians to come in numbers bringing their tej. And while I'm all for a broad church at South - I mean, we even let women come to games for Christ's sake - I think we have to draw the line somewhere. Still, maybe if we rationalise it as part of some sort of Wonderboy in Monsterland faction, we can get way with it...)

They're talking to us again! (for now...)
After a very long period of not responding to straight bat and totally sincere questions from me on their Facebook and Twitter accountswhich only a very cynical and insecure kind of person would construe as containing any sort of malicious intent - the FFV managed to respond to a query I posted on their Twitter feed yesterday. 

They then added this curious and quite open ended tweet.

What they mean exactly by 'appropriate' I'm not sure. I can't imagine there'd be a rubric or algorithm they've developed beforehand for this scenario, at least not without conducting an exhaustive research project for finding out what's worlds best practise for responding to cranks on the internet.

But I prefer to look at it this way. First the Dockerty Cup name gets re-instated, then one of my questions gets answered. Surely after last year's heartbreak of not getting a media pass, I'm a shoe-in for one this season. Right?

Public transport guide updated
  • Heidelberg United (lame)
  • Werribee City (west side!)
  • Ballarat Red Devils (something, something Sovereign Hill raspberry drops; something, something Kryal Castle; something, something 200k mercenary), 
  • Goulburn Valley Suns (they make fruit there, right?)

  • Richmond (food sucks now, so good riddance)
  • Southern Stars (still have to do one trip to Kingston Heath, bah)

Also, an updated Melbourne Knights guide, because they took the time to whinge to me. If you're unhappy with my guide and know a better route to particular venue, you can follow their example and also whinge to me, in which case I will weigh up your case.

Or you can just use this one. It's out of date and on a site that doesn't have the same homely feel as this place, but it also does its business with a lot more clarity and efficiency.

After dinner mint department
Here's a good one. South Melbourne are set to play Shepparton South for the Shepparton Cup on Sunday, out at Shepparton. More details here.

But did one of the brains trust at South Melbourne arrange this day out without consulting with senior coach Chris Taylor, or indeed pretty much anyone else before doing so?

We'll probably never know, but our sources seem to suggest that is the case. Stay classy South Melbourne.


  1. FYI, for your PT guide, the very same bus you recommend to take to Northcote, gets you within a couple of blocks of Olympic Village on its way thru to La Trobe Uni.


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