Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Twitter Artefact Wednesday - MMM Rocks Everything

One of our Twitter followers, one 'Bill M', posted this sticker on his Twitter feed a month or two back. Now the question some of our younger readers may be pondering - did Triple M really 'rock' South Melbourne Hellas? Were we some sort of special recipient of their macho love? Well, the answer to that is, not quite.

You see kids, when it came to putting out bumper stickers about what it 'rocked' - mostly during the late 1980s and I think early 1990s before they were more or less phased out - Triple M was the kind of radio station that gave its love out a bit too freely. You name it, they probably claim to have 'rocked' it, and put out a sticker making that clear to whoever happened to read it.

Triple M's 'rocking' love wasn't restricted to Melbourne, nor even Victoria. They even gave out their 'rock' love to Sydney suburbs, TV shows, refreshing beverages and even to whole eras of time (see image on right).

Hell, even high schools weren't immune to their fairly lame presentation of straightforward 'rock' music. I once had an old stereo (now sadly departed) with one of these stickers, which claimed to 'rock' the now long merged and/or departed Altona North High School, back in the days when graffitying "Guns 'n' Roses '88" on the side of a milk bar was the height of political commentary in the western suburbs.

Nevertheless, we'd like to thank 'Bill M' for sharing this piece of sticker/commercial radio/suburban identity marker/South Melbourne Hellas piece of history, and encourage others to do the same, by sending photos of such things our way. If it's left field or interesting enough, we'll even put it up on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. While it's easy to be mean (and fun, too), how cool was it of Triple M to not give two shits about making a sticker for an ethnic soccer club with an ethnic name? Different era.


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