Monday, 17 February 2014

Friendly vs Box Hill United on this Wednesday

We're playing NPL 1 side Box Hill United for the Co-Sig Cup this Wednesday at Lakeside, kickoff nominally at 7:00PM. You may as well get down for a game at Lakeside while you can. as the grand prix works coinciding with the start of our season may very well mean we won't get to see a home league match

Also, former junior Leigh Minopoulos has been signed from Werribee, after apparently scoring 30 odd goals there over the past couple of years. Me, I wasn't a big fan of him in his first stint with us, but isn't this what's supposed to happen? Young player who can't break into the firsts in the big league, goes down a level or two, gets some experience and proves himself. Wheat from the chaff and all that.

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  1. A 4-2 result in favour to South, described as 'convincing' by SMFC's Pravda agency. Lujic with two goals, Minopoulous and Epifano with the others.

    It was a very wet old evening last night, and while we had the bulk of the chances in the first half and went into the break 3-0 up, it was not like Box Hill didn't have their chances.

    And they were a lot more dangerous in the second half, showing up some defensive frailties. Frank Piccione ran the in the absence of that soft cock Steve from Broady.


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