Friday, 7 June 2013

Round 5 Dockerty Cup Preview - South vs Northcote

Pretty big game. Undefeated Northcote, against a half decent South.

Bah, who am I kidding? It's a nothing game.

No one is even talking about on field stuff any longer. The forums are clogged with NPLV talk. And why wouldn't they be?

Still no word from South about an EGM to see whether the membership endorses the matter. Wouldn't it be funny if the expanded voter franchise, which now includes parents and season ticket holders, chose to defeat this scheme?

Well, it'd be funnier than them approving it. But then again, we haven't workshopped that idea yet, so we haven't seen how test audiences will react. Maybe we can add in the laugh track regardless.

This whole thing has become such a farce that I'm not even taking the South hatred personally any more. I mean, it's hilarious that South has been mocked for years about our now shitty crowds, about our not being the 'real' South Melbourne, about being a just another suburban team.

But apparently the anti-NPLV crew can't launch meaningful opposition without South's involvement. It appears that if we're nothing, we're a strange kind of nothing. Dark Matter South Melbourne? Anti-Matter South Melbourne? Un-Real South Melbourne?

The good thing is, we could use those as part of our NPLV application as well, seeing as how we have to come up with three names in the event that, Allah willing, the FFV encourages our juniors to ditch us and move along.

The FFV must be pissing themselves. They're winning the propaganda war almost by default. They get 44 expressions of interest for their NPLV, while the naysayers just sit there and whinge on internet forums.

It's classic divide and conquer, and we're all falling for it. Even better, we're back to breakaway league talk, which is always fantastic. Meanwhile, whichever side of this issue we happen to fall on, we still get to be called recalcitrants by people who for the most part have never cared about senior football below the top tier.

Anyway, back to the Dockerty Cup game. I'm not expecting to win for some reason. No Van Eeken makes the team look pretty different, less mobile. Regardless of the result, the best thing is that after this match, we get to do it all again in a couple of weeks anyway.

Still, if we win, that would be a good thing, as it means we're one step closer to maybe winning a trophy that's not a pre-season competition. It might even mean being paired up against our old friends Preston, which could mean all sorts of other hilarity.

But one step at a time I think.


  1. That's unfair. I didn't actually call you recalcitrant. I said others will see you as recalcitrant. And besides, how do you know what we've cared about and for how long? SOB

    1. Steve of Balwyn, that comment was made in a more general/historical context, and was not directed at you as an individual.


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