Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Byles, Matthews, Keenan, Mattei, Payne all apparently sacked

Huge news! I have no idea of the why, the who etc - only an oblique rumour as to the existence of a 'clique', which might not even exist, let alone include all of the above mentioned players. More news if it comes to hand.


  1. Well I just watched the highlights and Luke Byles just watched the first goal go in. Very strange.

    Savvas Tzionis

  2. Who'd have thought buying a beer for Steve from Broady would cost this much??

    1. For the record, South of the Border wishes to make it absolutely clear that Steve from Broady is, at the most, a very popular and likable person around the club, and has had nothing to do with any of the recent shenanigans involving the aforementioned players, whatever those shenanigans may be.

  3. Some batshit crazy rumours are flying around on this matter, sadly most of which aren't fit to reprint, because we have no way of corroborating them. The one I hope is true is that the club will issue a media release today.

  4. This has to be one of the crappiest media releases I've ever seen.

    How about some, you know, reasons for sacking your captain, let alone two other starting 11 players? And that is what it is. It's not releasing them, it's sacking them. And if it was for disciplinary reasons, at least say that.

  5. So the list of things that don't exist are

    - NPL application
    - women's team issues
    - social club
    - player sackings...

    1. + the Brasil money

    2. A few years ago at an AGM the Brazil money situation was roughly explained as going to:

      - pay previous debts
      - full time professionalism
      - squandered by subpar accounting

      I realise that explanation is not as fun as hypothesising that it ended up in some villa in Kalamata. :P

  6. TBH, I've long accepted the Full-Time players reason given, too.

    Doesn't make crying out "Where's the Brasil money??" any less fun.

    1. Fair point, Anonymous. Was especially funny when the recent A-League nonsense started and the bid we put in was a serendipitous $4 million, lol.

  7. Well, it wasn't much of a secret, but it's official now. Former MLS player Nick Soolsma has been signed up. Well, that fills in one gap.

  8. Friday 21st June
    Group of players begin training with a hangover. Obvious signs of intoxication and substance abuse from the night before. They cease training due to this.
    Durakovic discusses this with Tsolakis who agrees that it's unacceptable.

    Sunday 23rd
    Lose 3-0 to Northcote

    Monday 24th
    Decision made with Tsolakis to release group of players. Tsolakis agrees to release.
    Other players goin on holidays. Tsolakis agrees to release.

    Wednesday Morning:
    Players' lockers cleaned. Gus Tsolakis resigns, then changes his mind.

    Wednesday 26th
    Released players made aware before lunchtime, told to come pick up contents of lockers.
    Player meeting held that evening. Tsolakis tells players he had no idea this was going to happen.
    Rixon tries to form a group to walk out on club in solidarity of released players. Fails dismally.

    Prior to these events.
    Group of players refuse club doctor, and attempt to invoice club with personal doctor expenses.
    All playing injured for most of season, yet hiding this fact by refusing club doctor to ensure they get their full match payments.
    Club notified them to see club doctor for any injuries.


    1. Those are some very serious allegations. If there are people out there who have a different recollection of the events, then they are more than welcome to have their say as well.

  9. In addition, if someone in the know could add a straightforward, minimal innuendo wrap of Milardovic's failed court action against Trent Rixon, that would also be appreciated.

  10. 'Minimal Innuendo' lol

  11. They should have sacked the Coach for allowing that kind of depraved culture to fester. So what if some players walk with him.

  12. Please be aware that if I delay in posting your comments, it is probably because I am nowhere near the internet.

  13. And of course as has been pointed out elsewhere, this turn of events has been made even more interesting by the signing of Soolsma, because of this incident in 2012

  14. Seriously, what a fucked up situation. Good luck to the team taking the field on our behalf tomorrow.

  15. my bet would be that Gus and his buddy TR are next.

    glad that this "clicka" has been fractured.


  16. Just to clarify.

    All 5 players were notified via text.

    Its has been confirm that a board meeting was held Monday night, not including the coaching staff, where a decision was made to terminate the contracts of those 5 players.

    PLayers were notified without consent of the coach.

    Also been confirmed that the players going overseas notified the club before they signed.

    Players were not permitted to come and collect their gear.

    Meeting with playing group was held on Wednesday, president (leo) attempts to explain the boards actions. Arguments commence between players and board.

    After speaking with several players it has been concluded that they have no respect, nor desire to play for this current board.

    This board is destroying our club.

  17. lets clarify a ridiculous clarification by anonymous.

    you make no clarifications on why the board chose fit to release these players.
    Board meetings are held Tuesday nights.
    If these sacking texts exist, they would have surfaced.

    Those who choose not to play for the board or fans will be flushed out and hopefully order restored.

    So i ask you this Mr anonymous, why were these players chopped?


  18. Your boards a disgrace. And so are you.

    Do you really think the board is going to release that the players were notified via text? I spoke to 2 of the three sacked players and they showed me the texts you banana.

    Leo is a muppet, coco and andrew are no better. Gonna be hard to flush those players out when the entire playing staff cannot stand them.

    South Melbourne is a mess, we are meant to be the biggest club in the country, with these board members and delirious people like you, this club is going nowhere.

    You on a sinking ship ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the VPL, cause with people like these in charge, thats where you'll stay.

  19. you only support Rixon, not South Melbourne.
    so back in your box.

  20. You my friend are blind deaf and dumb. Enjoy the bottom of the ocean.

  21. i used to work with tom matthews whats happend why has he been released


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