Friday, 14 June 2013

League back after cup - round 9 preview

No Kiss of Death for this week, which is a pity, but we'll soldier on as per usual.

Because there's no Kiss of Death, this week's preview is therefore brought to you by:

Simplified FFV Preview™: The VPL preview for those who are overwhelmed by the depth of the actual FFV VPL preview.


Bad Internet - sick and tired of Good Internet? Then try Bad Internet! Nothing goes slower and disconnects more!

Bentleigh vs Port
Two team not lose much 2013.

Thunder vs Northcote
Northcote like 2012 Thunder.

Stars vs Gully
Gully not do good. Stars worse.

Hume vs Paco
Hume many goals for/against. Paco opposite.

South vs Knights
High spirits vs form. Also, NSL.

Oakleigh vs Richmond
Not either team good.

Richmond vs Gully (1-2, 19 minutes to play)
Because FFV make up own rules.

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