Friday, 21 June 2013

Round 10 2013 VPL previews

No Kiss of Death this week, hopefully still alive and well somewhere and back with us soon.

Port Melbourne vs Dandenong Thunder
Incredibly, Steve From Broady has chosen for us to attend this game over the other Friday night fixture - seriously, Port's canteen over Paco's pizza? Has the world gone completely topsy-turvy? Anyway, I haven't seen either of these sides yet in 2013, so we might as well go here. We play Port next week, so it makes sense, doesn't it? I reckon a score draw, but what do I know?

Pascoe Vale vs Oakleigh
Oakleigh are already a long way back. Drop points here, and it'll be an even bigger hole to dig themselves out of. They've made some signings apparently, but I'm backing the home team to get at least a point here. Don't ask for any sort of explanation on that though.

Green Gully vs Bentleigh
There's about three non-gamblers in this world who lament the axing of the FFV's live game of the week. I'm one of those three people. For whatever reason, the FFV had a habit of filming this fixture, and since no one actually watched it in the flesh, no one will regret missing out on it this year. Gully don't look crash hot this year. Then again, they never look too crash hot even when they're winning, so who knows what to make of them this season. Their rained out match against Richmond is still not resolved, with Richmond taking the matter to the tribunal. I reckon Richmond are right to do so, but good luck getting a favourable result out of that place.

Southern Stars vs Richmond
Speaking of Richmond, surely they're due for a first league win for 2013. Surely! Surely?

Melbourne Knights vs Hume City
I think when it comes to the Knights this season, Manny's not too far off with his summation. Though considering the nature of last week's game, who the hell knows what kind of weird coin they were using. Maybe they were using one of those 20 sided dice that my brother uses for dungeons and dragons.My prediction here is that Ljubo will do something slightly less outrageous than last week, but good luck to him if he wants to go the other way.

Northcote vs South Melbourne
Strange rumours of signing some sort of party boy MLS player are circulating. Arguments about how many Knights fans were at Lakeside last week. People still intimating that we're on the verge of A-League inclusion. Apparently we have some sort of keys to a magical pavilion? Is that NPLV still thing going? You could almost forget that we actually have a game this week, and against none other than the runaway league leaders, at their ground, who are looking for revenge after getting turfed out of the cup by us just a week and a bit ago in dramatic circumstances. Nope, nothing to see here, move along everyone.

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