Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kiss of Death, Round 16, 2012

Friday 8:30 PM Hume City (7th) vs Heidelberg (12th)
Last weekend Hume drew 1-1 away at Bentleigh while the Bergers had a 2-2 home draw against Southern Stars. Heidelberg has still only won one game all season, and I cant see them winning this one. Even with seven games to go and 21 points up for grabs, they are destined for State 1 in season 2013. Hume on the other hand is pushing for a top five spot and a win will get them back into the mix. Everyone should get around it and fingers crossed a draw will be the result. Hume City 2 – Heidelberg United 2.

Friday 8:30 PM Richmond (6th) vs Oakleigh Cannons (2nd)
Probably two of the poorest sides in the VPL. Richmond had a 1-3 win at South Melbourne while Oakleigh scrambled a 1-1 draw with Green Gully. Both these sides play poor unimaginative football but that is irrelevant. They are getting results and that is what counts. To an outsider watching this match they would think both these teams are low down the table. On the contrary, they are both top five contenders. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know the answer. Richmond 1 – Oakleigh Cannons 1.

Saturday 7:00 PM Dandenong Thunder (1st) vs Northcote City (4th)
Dandy had a text book 4-1 win over Moreland, while Northcote had an exciting 3-2 win over the Knights. This will be the tightest match of the round to call. Even I’m in a bit of a spell as to what the result will be. But as confused as I am about this one, I can see Dandy getting the win. They have been the team of the season, and deserve their first position on the ladder. Dandy Thunder 3 – Northcote City 1.

Sunday 3:00 PM Moreland Zebras (11th) vs Green Gully (3rd)
Moreland had a 4-1 loss at Dandy and Gully had a 1-1 draw at Oakleigh. Gully should win this one. Moreland Zebras 1 – Green Gully 3.

Sunday 3:00 PM Melbourne Knights (8th) vs Bentleigh Greens (5th)
Well ain't this a pickle of a result to pick? The Knights were unlucky in their 3-2 loss at Northcote, and Bentleigh had a 1-1 draw at home to Hume. As much as I see South's finals chances slipping away, I still must believe in a miracle of epic proportions. That is why I am tipping a draw at Somers Street. Hopefully the draw goes South's way. Melbourne Knights 2 – Bentleigh Greens 2.

Saturday 7:00 PM Southern Stars (9th) vs South Melbourne (10th)
Southern Stars drew 2-2 at Heidelberg and South Melbourne had its seventh loss of the season at home to Richmond 1-3. What a shambles at the moment down at Lakeside. We couldn’t score in a brothel. Just looking at some season stats and check this out. The senior side has had ten goal scorers this season. Out of those ten Hatzimouratis is gone for the season with an injury, O’Dor will probably miss for a couple of weeks, Keenan is carrying a niggle, and Jason Trifiro is our top scorer, a midfielder. Trent Rixon has only scored one (Rixon has actually scored three goals;  Ed.), and after his red card against Richmond will probably miss for the next 12 weeks!!! PLUS a tribunal hearing. Oh yeah, and how could I forget, Kyle Joryeff who has two, is now at Richmond. We signed all these attacking players this year, and somehow forgot to sign some defenders. Let’s have a look at the current defensive situation. Tom Matthews has two more weeks on the sidelines, Steve O’Dor limped off injured after ten minutes last week, Kelly was sent off for a second yellow, Tsiaras will be missing this week due to five yellow cards, which leaves Byles and Payne as the only recognised senior defenders. Brad Norton is not a defender, hell he ain't even a player in my books. How can someone go from VPL to A-League, and come back as a worse player? In the midfield, Gus’s biggest mistake was changing the lineup that lost to Gully. That lineup would’ve beaten Richmond. It’s not as if Gully outplayed us. Fernando is beyond outdoor football. He is now slower than slow, and isn’t the Fernando of old. Gasparis is not the Gaspa we are used to, has been very poor this season and seems to be getting worse. Keenan started, but what can he do with one leg? Burton was good, but needed Rixon to support him. Vlahos was BOG by a long way. I just don’t understand what the fuck is going on. We better fucken win. Southern Stars 0 – South Melbourne 1.

Admin Stuff and General Ranting
  • I suggest you keep your wives at home. When a fan launches a tirade towards the players, there is no need for the WAGs to abuse back. If you don’t like it, grab your handbag and high heel your arse out of there. A lot of the WAGs have just strolled into the ground like they have a right to abuse South fans. Listen ladies, when your hubbies/boyfriends/booty call, play for South, they are not playing for a pissy little club with ten fans. They are playing for a club which has expectations and a heavy shirt. If your roosters can’t hack it, then go. The lot of you can go. The exit points are to the right of the grandstand. Oh der, it’s the same gate you entered from, had a blonde moment. 
  • South is now at crisis point. I can’t remember us being in this position in the last 30 years. We can keep blaming the refs, but you can’t blame the refs if we are missing sitters or hitting the woodwork and the other team goes up once and scores the winner out of nothing.
  • Speaking of refs, what a joke of an official representing the FFV/FFA against Richmond. He is not a referee's asshole. The Federation should be ashamed that they stand behind these officials. Officiating at all levels of the game has gone from bad to worse in the last three years. I hear there were FFA referee inspectors at the ground to see this arseclown and promote him to the A-League. Mate, you guys can take him. Your league is already shit and he would add to what is already a list of shit officiators.

Over and out muppets.

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