Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rixon suspended for 12 matches

So, the FFV has handed down severe punishment on Trent Rixon, for his attack on Richmond's Milardovic, who came out of their heated encounter (after Rixon's goal to make it 2-1) with a broken cheekbone. Can't say I'm surprised with the FFV's response.

One of the risks with getting Rixon was that he's no stranger to the serious red card. What effect, if any, this will have on his future at South remains to be seen - if he stays, he'll miss the first five games of next season, maybe less if we somehow score an unlikely finals place.

It'll be an even more unlikely feat to make the finals not just because of our poor form and/or erratic form, but because we're low on strikers - having already let go of Gianni De Nittis, and losing Dimi Hatzimouratis to injury for the rest of the season. Andy Vlahos may have to pinch hit further up the field. Or maybe bring in Nicky Jacobs in from the cold?

It appears as if the club intends to appeal the decision. I'd be interested in seeing their angle, and what good the video will do. The only possible positive thing to come out of this, is that Trent may get the opportunity to rest his body and hopefully get on track to overcome his chronic groin/osteitis pubis condition before next season.

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  1. Disgusting decision by the FFV.
    There's a tribunal hearing for it to, so it will either be extended or reduced, or overturned.

    The ref was a joke that night.
    The FFV make me sick.


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