Monday, 2 July 2012

You can't always get what you want - Moreland Zebras 2 South Melbourne 2

But if you try sometimes, you get what you can.

Putting aside that the opposition weren't the best, this was the best football we'd played since round two. It still wasn't fast enough or determined enough in its spread of play, but it was leaps and bounds ahead of anything else we'd done attacking wise for months.

This time it wasn't for lack of trying that we didn't score, though some more trigger happy decisions in dangerous spots could have made all the difference. It wasn't that Trent Rixon didn't get any supply - he had more than his fair share for probably the first time this season, but chose that day to not be able to make it count. It happens.

The Zebras' chances, though not plentiful, were usually dangerous enough, and they were less wasteful. How many stray crosses from us? Sliced corners? Failure to punch it home from the six yard box? Two shots on the woodwork, and 3-4 good saves from McMaster. It all adds up.

It was frustrating for fan and player alike, yet it was a massive step in the right direction. There are others though, and our present status and possible future failure may very well show them to be right. We aren't where we are for no reason. And when one problem seems to be sorted, another pops up, this time in the defensive end. There is still much work to be done.

Bear Grylls for Pansies Epping North Trekking Experience
Took public transport there for the first time. The South Morang line is not one of Melbourne's more scenic train rides. Saw Steve from Broady at Bell Station, farewelled him at Preston station, as he was taking another route.

Saw the famous Josie and David at Epping Station. Got on bus. After 15 minutes, got off bus. Hands froze holding umbrella while walking through rain. At some point, the footpath ended, and we had to go cross country a little earlier than expected. Over the jagged and slippery rocks for a shortcut, around the muddier patches, and through the gate.

Barring some sort of finals match, this could be the last time we play at Epping Stadium for a very long time. Hume will probably be be back at their John Ilhan base soon enough. Moreland will be moving to, eh, Moreland, at just the moment the housing developments in the area really hit their stride. A ground that always seemed on the edge of nowhere was finally, thanks to Melbourne's relentless urban sprawl, somewhere. Even if that somewhere was really far away from a lot of places.

I know I won't miss the cold, the appalling food, and the long journey whether by public transport or car.

Civil Disobedience Spectacular
Those who've been to Epping know that the best spot to view the game is not from the grandstand, with its array of poles and delirious black fencing, but rather from the outer.

And regardless of weather, visiting South fans of the more vocal variety have pretty much always chosen to stand behind the goals, and that's where we were yesterday.

Most chose the grassy hills, but some (like myself), wanting a different or better view, went down to the fence along behind the goals.

Well, for some reason, someone wasn't happy about that. They didn't show their face during any of the proceedings, but sent the crack security teams down to get us to go back up the hill.

They told us we'd get fined, that the police would be called. No logic worked with these people, that we hadn't actually done anything wrong, that one could stand behind the goals at pretty much every other ground in the state.

Then the rest of the behind the goals crew decided to come down the hill and stand with us. It highlighted the farce of the situation. One wit asked the chief security person where the evacuation points were, to which he only received a blank stare.

For 20 odd minutes, we were united again. Sad that it has to be something so stupid to make it work.

Hainanese Chicken Rice for Dinner
Singapore's de facto national dish goes down a treat on a cold, cold night.

Next Week
Oakleigh, in the first of three consecutive home games. Their players will be keen to both avenge the earlier 3-1 loss at Jack Edwards Reserve, as well as be glad to play on a decent surface more conducive ti skillful play.

Hopefully the refs don't pay too much attention to the rantings of Oakleigh co-coach Peter Zois and his crew. And hopefully our boys are on song from the get go - whatever failings Oakleigh may have in terms of on field organisation or morale, their sqaud is usually full of quality players, who can score in a variety of ways.

There was a five week spell there where one could ask for the footy scores without fear of being guilt ridden for doing so. That ends this week. Pity.


  1. i too was in the vicinity.
    The guy said to him, "stop making up the rules as you go. If you can answer this question, then I might believe what you're saying. You are head of security tonight yes ?".

    Tom(Security Chief) - "Yes"

    Bloke - Ok, then, in case of emergency, where are the evacuation points ?

    Tom - *Blank Stare* 10seconds awkward moment

    Bloke - "Go away and let us enjoy the match. Unless I can see a sign telling me I can't stand here, you can go away".

    Tom - "walks away"

  2. Steve from broady3 July 2012 at 11:16

    Steve from broadys questions that keep you up at night

    so here me out i was at oakleigh vs burgers on Friday night the crowed was so small i have seen more people at a subway happy hour i looked around the ground on Friday night looking for our coach guss SURLY he was there on Friday night takeing notes on next weeks opponents but no he was not there there were no notes. to add to my fury on Sunday at a shit ground with no good food and the weather to match Bristol on a December morning there i sat in the grand stand and who was it i saw it was fucking peter zois taking notes on his opposition for next week. questions must be asked are our coaching staff so up them self's they don't think they need to watch our opposition a week before game day to see what we will be up against. from what i have seen we are going into Sundays game the less prepared and this is the coaches fault a loss on Sunday should reignite the sack guss calls from my point of view he has no clue what he is doing and is way over his head.


  3. Commas must be in short supply in Broadmeadows.

  4. I attempted to put into Google translate, Steve from Broadys comments.
    I had the translate "from" language set as Auto.
    Google translate came back with the following error, "Sorry, but Google translate cannot complete the translation as it does not recognise the text entered".

    woeful attempt at English.


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