Sunday, 10 June 2012

Deja vu (all over again) - South Melbourne 1 Port Melbourne 2

This post is late, because I simply could not muster the courage to face the defeat so soon after it occurred. Perhaps in an act of unintentional prescience, I didn't even provide a preview of the game. I had intended to go watch the Pascoe Vale vs Hume City game as well, sensing that an upset was on the cards, but decided to give that a miss as well.

On Friday night, I stood in the rain, as a combination of ground marshal and oversized, uncoordinated ballboy, for 90 minutes. In some respects, I had a great view - in perfect position to witness our second half missed opportunities, the balls blasted over from six yards out. And in other respects, I had a shocking view, standing behind the net at one end, unable to view the game from a suitable elevation to see where we were going wrong.

We have lost four home games in a row. Once upon a time - admittedly, these days, a very long time ago - losing any game at home was a travesty. It's a good thing I'm not on top of the stats, as that would just make me more depressed. I reckon it might be fair to say that this could be a record, if only for the fact that it would have been just about inconceivable for us to have ever lost even three home games in succession.

Once again, Peter Tsolakis left his substitutions late. This time, so late, they were made with about four minutes to go. What the thinking was behind that, I do not know. Why start Gianni De Nittis, ahead of Dimi Hatzimouratis, I do not know. What we do know is that Trent Rixon did not start - whether that was because on injury or as a precaution we're not sure.

To be fair, when you find yourself in a rut like this, luck also goes against you. How often will Fernando hit the crossbar from six yards out, facing a more or less open net? When is the next time will we see such a dreadful call as the penalty awarded against Peter Gavalas, who seemed to have clearly and cleanly taken the ball away with a sliding attempt against the Port striker?

Last year in this same fixture, it could, perhaps, be argued that we had off day, against a good Port Melbourne team. This year, the Port side we faced was not nearly as good as the side that failed to clinch promotion to the VPL on the final day of the season. And there's no disrespect intended there - after all, they did do the job on us - but the state league 1 table doesn't lie.

What is evident, is that just about every other side we play is more clinical and more direct than we have been all season - and the tremendous start to the season we had was some sort of strange illusion. It is also evident that there is disharmony in the playing group. There are no obvious leaders on the park, especially in midfield, willing to take the game on, to 'boss' the game, to use the vernacular.

Everyone appears to be at their wits end. The board can only do so much - again, there is little doubt that the quality of the team over all is good. Everything else is fine - there are still teething problems with the venue, the social club renovation still hasn't started, but overall the ground is a joy to visit. The facilities from the players are top notch.

The coaches seem unable to find a solution to the malaise, and yet they must at least find some way of improvising improved results for another three weeks before the transfer winbdow opens - and even then, who would one bring over that is available?

Perhaps the best and worst thing about the match, is that there was hardly anyone there to see it. Another paltry cup crowd, which seems to re-emphasise the point about a lack of interest in this competition from all supporters, though the weather didn't help - but considering there was also two forfeits and several teams playing weakened squad, one has to ask how seriously even the clubs are taking it.

So, we're out of the cup, morale is at another low, our best forward, who hasn't been getting much supply anyway, is probably out, and we have to go to Kingston Heath on Friday, to play the young and plucky Bentleigh Greens. We attend out of a sort of religious duty, a fealty to the club that should go beyond results. But everyone has their limits - just how much damage this does to the club's alread ravaged supporter base is anyone's guess.


  1. Your swipe at the cup comp is uncalled for Friday night was the worst time to play this match with carlton vs geelong being on most south fans who support those two clubs would have gone to that there was also the Greece euro match and people would probably have had plans set for that game anyway this game should of been on satday the poor crowed is the boards fault for changing the game from satday.

    Also weekend teams I know for a fact that Hume are fucked due to a injury crises that has hit the club.

    For a cup in it's second year it is Doing ok

  2. Steve from broady11 June 2012 at 10:44

    Steve from broady positive spin

    this is a segment that has been a long time in the making due to how shit smfc have become it is hard to find positives to talk about this is why my positive spin has not been seen yet BUT! today i think i am on to something hear me out...

    our next 3 games are against b greens burgers and moreland 2 of them shit cunts that we should fuck up IF and that's a massive if we can beat b greens away on Friday night we can create a 3 game 9 point spring board to send us back up into the top 5 this thought has got me going AWOL. and to prove this is not just a wild we belave dream of mine lets look at the facts

    we all went to Hume on that shit night when 10 people rocked up to the game and southpole eat every ones bread rolls at pre drinks expecting a loss this game coming up vs b greens has the same feel about it Friday night pre drinks has free bread rolls witch will all be eaten by southpole before we even sit down at a table it is forecaster to be a shit night AND i think we are going to lose so i think that this game could be an unlikely win for the lads.

    so every one get to the game on friday night and be as positive as ever !!!!!!!!!!

  3. June 2012 at 18:40


  4. Anonymous,

    It's not the concept of a cup that I dislike. I'm all for a cup competition.

    What I don't like is the notion from some people that a cup competition is some sort of panacea for the game's local ills, especially when it comes to attendances.

    Two forfeits at the latter stages are not a good look. The fact that half of state league 2 and 3 did not enter is not a good look. Charging for entry for what other states would consider an a standard part of their calendar is also puzzling.

    I also object to the fact that the FFV will not use the Dockerty Cup name and trophy. It is not the second year of the cup in this state, only the second year of this version.

  5. the Dockerty Cup is old football we are in the new football era now get over all that rubbish from the shit old soccer era nothing in the old football era could hold its own so why try and revive to so it can just die again.

  6. Good to see the Dockerty Cup name revived.


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