Sunday, 3 June 2012

Football Chaos

We've been linked to another great site, one that I should have informed my readers of long ago - Football Chaos. Their site tagline pretty much nails down their attitude - Forget about 'grassroots', we go for the weeds! 

They tend to eschew videoing of VPL matches, focusing instead on teams from lower down the leagues, especially in the southern and eastern parts of metropolitan Melbourne.

The camera work is fantastic - even occasionally using three cameras! - there's no commentary, except for that provided by the crowd, and you get to see a stack of different teams and grounds that you otherwise would miss out on. Highly recommended!

Here's some of their work from 2005... heady days at Monterey Reserve, with Lance Whitnall lookalike Nick Waite gracing the paddock. Since then, their video and production work has gone up several notches.

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