Saturday, 14 May 2011

Shenanigans - Green Gully 3 South Melbourne 2

It was the closest to a full strength side we'd seen for some weeks - hell, we even  managed to play well, though good chances for either side were few. And yet somehow we come out of this fixture again without a win, and on this occasion without even a point which is the least we deserved.

Of the returning players, Jesse seemed to make the bigger difference, as Gully marked him tightly, which might be why there was more room for some of the play on the wing. All in all, I can't really fault anyone out there today, except for our  goalkeeper Abdel Deroune who had an absolute shocker.

It's quite possible to pin all three goals we conceded on him. Green Gully had few other clearcut chances to score, yet anytime they crossed the ball into the box I felt more and more nervous as Deroune was all over the shop from the beginning. Even regulation low powered shots and crosses where he was under no pressure were slipping out of his grasp.

Foul Throws
At this level I might get to see a foul throw called once a season. Today there were about four or five of them, all called against us, and at least two of those called on Ljubo 'Keeping It Real' Milicevic. And those I was able to see on the side nearest to me certainly looked dodgy, so good on the ref for calling them.

New Umbrella
With the weather turning this way and that, it was time to find a new umbrella. So I went down to Altona Gate Shopping Centre, saw some guy who looked like Kyle Joryeff, but didn't find anything that satisfied me in the way of an umbrella. Thankfully a random trip to Footscray Market was more worthwhile, and I allegedly got a $5 discount from the Vietnamese lady. Well, kudos to you shopkeep, as at least it managed to last longer in battle that the previous umbrella that I had.

Next Game
Next Sunday at Northcote against Springvale White Eagles. Surely we will win this game. Surely Zaim Zeneli will have to come back in for this match. Otherwise I'm calling shenanigans.

Final Thought
Who would have thought that in a game where we restricted the opposition of next to nothing of value going forward, won ourselves and scored two legitimate penalties at that ground, hit the crossbar denying us 3-2 lead, we would still find a way to lose.


  1. its seems strange that dandenong a strong team which played as you say a much weaker south got a draw a green gully not so strong with a much better side lost and the keeper gets the blame it seems to me the defending is pretty weak and who puts the keeper in gee i think the coach does its strange again in the past the coaches got a bagging but in this case its the players whats going on open your eyes everyone has them opened .

  2. I thought the team played well yesterday, but why Deroune is getting a game ahead of Zeneli, who hadn't done anything wrong, is something probably only the coaches know, and yes I do blame them for making that decision.

    Still, it'd be nice Anon (and to all the other Anons), if you could leave some kind of different calling card for yourselves, so I could see how many of you there are posting comments here - it'd make it easier to follow the conversation.

  3. the problem is paul, you can have all the talented players you like, however if they show no heart then its completely useless. the club has turned into a joke ever since eddie arrived. getting rid of rama (what a joke) and now apparently going to buy 5-6 players in the transfer market. the club is not a family club, its just an organisation. we have some talented young players, however they will never get a chance unless 15 of our senior squad members get injured. and what's with the signings of kamal, bobby russell and kliment?? absolutely terrible if you ask me.

  4. Just a word on Ljubo Milicevic also.
    Surely he can at least act like he cares!!!

  5. A sidetrack

    South Melbourne are playing in the RHB Singapore Cup again

    RHB Singapore Cup Fixtures :
    Etoile FC vs Tanjong Pagar United
    Gombak vs Balestier
    Home United vs Woodlands Wellington
    Hougang United vs Harimau Huda
    South Melbourne vs Albirex Niigata
    SAFFC vs Phnom Penh Crown FC
    Pattaya FC vs Okkthar
    Geylang United vs Tampines Rovers

  6. Cheers for the heads up Happy.


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