Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Questions that need to be asked

A suitable image stolen from a Lutheran site. 
Just kicking back today, trying to keep it real, but as always, against my will, also thinking about the big questions dealing with our existence. This was prompted in part by my bumping into an old bloke called Thanasi, a Heidelberg fan who I see at Altona East PAOK on occasion, and who loves to get me riled up about South's fortunes - apparently having two players sent off doesn't make copping five goals acceptable, or even plausible. Amazingly, he only seems to surface when South is on a lean run. Still, browsing the forums and thinking back to what's happened over the season thus far, several other questions have also come up. Here's a sample.

  • Is Joe Keenan still at South Melbourne? If he is, is he ever going to come back?
  • Galanos (rinse repeat)?
  • What kind of idiot declares themselves both an ardent monarchist and a fan of Celtic?
  • When we are we going to relocate permanently to SS Anderson Reserve?
  • When are we going to finally get conned out of our forty year lease at Lakeside?
  • Who is really the coach at South? Is it Eddie? Is it Joe? Is it Ange? Whose hand am I supposed to shake first in the event we win the title? Whose head do I call for in the event of a disastrous second half of the season?
  • Was Simon Colosimo protesting outside John Cain Memorial Park with the Dandenong Thunder fans last week?
  • Does Peter Zois still love this club? If not, which club does he love now, and are they treating him better? 
  • Under which circumstances is it appropriate to throw a glass bottle at your brother's head?
  • If you come from Glenroy and have a Dickie Knee hairstyle, is it appropriate for you to pay out on someone from Dandenong for having a rattail?
  • Did a dingo really take Rama's baby?
  • What's the difference between Harriet Tubman and the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

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