Thursday, 19 May 2011

Kiss of Death, Round 13, 2011

We are just over the half way mark of the season this week. We hit Round 13, which leaves us 9 rounds to the season proper. A total of 27 points up for grabs for all teams (plus the VTC matches, ed). 

It’s been a mixed season so far, with the FFV docking points, coaches being thrown out of the dugouts, controversial red cards being handed out and I’d say that crowd numbers have been higher than last year.

Scotch Watch
South lost again last week, but Bentleigh could only manage a draw to the lowly Springvale White Eagles.

  • South Melbourne, 6th place, 21 points, goal difference -3
  • Bentleigh Greens, 8th place, 17 points, goal difference +0

Bentleigh Greens vs Heidelberg United
7th v 2nd. Friday night down at Bentleigh will be bloody freezing, but I’ll be there to keep tabs on my little side wager I have going. Bentleigh was held at 1-1 at Springvale last week while the Bergers were convincing 3-1 winners over Richmond. Bentleigh has lost Tom Matthews to South Melbourne in the midweek transfer window, which will leave them exposed defensively. The Bergers have recruited the Sadik brothers from some state league club. This will be an exciting game with both coaches going for the win. The Anastasiadis v Katsakis battle will carry over from Johnny A’s coaching days at South. I’ve got this one down for a draw. Bentleigh Greens 2 – Heidelberg 2.

Richmond vs Hume City
9th v 3rd. A Saturday afternoon clash which sees Hume City travel to boring Kevin Bartlett Reserve. Hume will be too good for them unfortunately. Hume had a 4-1 home win against St. Albans last week and I see them continuing this four game lossless streak against a pretty bad Richmond. Richmond 1 – Hume City 3.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs Oakleigh Cannons
7th v 1st. How lucky was Gully last week against Deroune of South Melbourne? Seriously, any other keeper and South would’ve come out of there with a 0-2 victory. Oakleigh pays them a visit this week after their 3-4 come from behind victory at Northcote City. Green Gully didn’t impress me at all last week with their sloppy play. Yeah, yeah, they got a win, but South played without a keeper. Oakleigh hasn’t impressed me either but they are on top I suppose. Green Gully 1 – Oakleigh Cannons 2.

Melbourne Knights vs Northcote City
10th v 5th. The Knights have drawn three games in a row, not including the game they have in hand after the lights went out (again) at Dandenong Thunder last weekend. Northcote are still licking their wounds after Oakleigh stole three points from them last week. The Knights have lost a few players in the transfer window which will hurt them. However, I believe the Knights will step up to the plate and start moving away from the relegation zone with a win over Northcote. If there was a time to start winning, with nine games to go, this is when they need to do it the most. Northcote is Northcote. We know their game, and we know how they constantly full press their opposition. It won’t be good enough, with the Knights coming up eventual winners. Melbourne Knights 2 – Northcote City 1.

St Albans Saints vs Dandenong Thunder
13th v 4th. The Saints are the only winless team of the VPL. Dandenong are still waiting on the outcome of their appeal at the tribunal hearing, at the time of print. St Albans have been woeful. Their poor recruiting at the start of the season, and their lack of teamwork and guidance from the bench has put them in this position. There are still 27 points up for grabs and if they can get 15 of those then I reckon they’ll live to fight another day. If they can’t, then it’s back to State 1. Dandenong is coming off a “lights off” match last week. The lights went out again! The FFV needs to do something about this, because it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Make them play day games. Who can be necked travelling all the way out there for a night game anyway. St. Albans will get their first win of the season this weekend and will have everyone saying, “that KOD person knows his shit”. St.Albans 2 – Dandenong Thunder 0.

South Melbourne vs Springvale White Eagles
6th v 11th. Possibly the shittiest game of the round. South Melbourne has been losing the plot lately, and Springvale are just the shittiest of the shit. Last week I was disappointed to see a one Abdelhadi Deroune in goals for South. Am I angry about this? Yep. He is a muppet. This keeper couldn’t catch a cold, in winter! He cost us five goals at Northcote, and three goals at Gully. How the coaching staff didn’t drop him after the Northcote game is something I cannot answer, but I shit you not, if he hasn’t been shown the door after last week, then the coaching staff will have a lot to answer for. I don’t want to see him on the bench, hell I don’t even want to see him at the ground. He is persona non grata at South as far as I’m concerned. I expected better from Eddie and Joe to see that this keeper is not one for South. Only Stefaan and Zaim are entitled to battle it out for the no.1 spot, and not some clown with nothing to offer us.

The wheels have fallen off over the last month. Granted we have had our injuries and red cards, but for fuck's sake, we are South Melbourne, pull your socks up, your fingers out and fucking play. If we lose to Springvale this week then we should just shut the doors and close the club. A win and nothing but a win. I don’t care if it's two goals or twenty, but three points is a must. South Melbourne 12 – Springvale White Eagles 0.


  1. just on another note i read that gianni has been released from the club the truth is that rama and gianni were no longer wanted so being loyal does not count what makes me angry and a lot of people is dont write a lot of crap that these players wanted to leave they had no option thanks to eddie and the club you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. apart from gianni leaving, stefan sardelic has also left to go to fawkner. he went from being number 1 keeper, to then playing in the under 21's. south melbournes man management is just awful.

  3. No one is bigger than the club.19 May 2011 at 23:03

    Partners of players should not post on public forums/blogs.
    Your just embarrassing yourself.
    No player has options. They are at the disposal of the coach. Just because you have been there for years does not mean that you are there for life.
    Times up.

  4. its not a partner of the players who wrote it get a life not saying that you have to le there for life but if your not wanted do it at the beginning of the year it has noting to do with being there a long time thanks

  5. @ No one is bigger than the club

    Maybe you should listen to your own advice, clearly you are somehow connected to Krncevic

  6. About time someone came along got rid of players with minimal contributions. Maybe 2 years too late!!


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