Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mothers Day Massacre - Northcote City 5 South Melbourne 0

In some ways, today was absolutely terrific, but only from the point of view of being able to reminisce about certain things. Like my old departed friend The Lumiere cinema which used to be on Lonsdale Street, up near Parliament Station. They used to play all the films that were due to get banned for extreme violence or sex; the kind of films that no one but the raincoat brigade and the worst kind of cineastes would go watch.

Is this still shot from a random Merchant Ivory film too ethnic? 
I refer to this because even Margaret Pomeranz would think twice about defending the right of anyone to witness the heinous and explicit scenes which were on show today. All of a sudden Larry Clark seemed like Merchant Ivory. The majority of the team looked disinterested, with the notable exception of Kyle Joryeff, who ran and chased but like the rest of the team was able to produce little in the way of quality.

What's to be done about Gianni De Nittis? I'm not sure, but after four and half seasons of mediocrity, giving him more and more chances ahead of say, Nicky Jacobs, seems utterly pointless. Kamal Ibrahim is taking over from where Yusef Yusef left off mid last year, another wide, flashy player who loves playing and scoring junk time goals against awful sides but is beyond ineffective against even half decent ones.

Credit to Northcote though. Once again, nothing particularly pretty about them, but they have enough honest toilers to complement the good attacking players they do have. While we spent the majority of the first half going round in circles, Northcote seemed to have a consistent idea of what they wanted to do and the best way of going about achieving that. At one point we had a shot on goal, and I looked at my watch anticipating perhaps 15 or 20 minutes to have passed, only to see that the game was about 37 minutes old

Sadly, the game wasn't the only thing I saw today which once seen, cannot be unseen. It was just spankings all round today, but there's no need or desire to elaborate on that front.

Under 21s
They were 2-0 up and drew 2-2. Number 13 (known to some of his associates as Gate 6½) should learn to pull his head in. Passion is good, accosting the ref and getting into needless shoving matches with opponents is not as good.

Next Game
Green Gully away. With or without our alleged 'good' players, we haven't won there in 25 odd years, and we won't again this year.

North Melbourne Bingo
During the winter time, while wearing South Melbourne gear out on the streets or especially on public transport, there's a good chance you'll get strange looks from people trying to figure out what kind of North Melbourne Kangaroos merchandise that is you're wearing.

So congratulations to 'Parliament Station Seminar Man' for making round 11 this year's winner of North Melbourne Bingo, for going to the step beyond mere curiosity by asking me and Steve from Broady what the score was, and looking perplexed when we said 5-0.

Is it racist to call Australia 'the big brown land'?


  1. it would be a good idea to get rid of the so called coaches instead of bagging the team open your eyes and see what is going on .

  2. What do you suggest is the problem Anon? What is it that the coaches have been doing wrong, and what should they do to rectify the situation?

  3. you so called 'supporters' of south aren't supporters at all. all you do is put the team down and bag the players.
    And the so called mediocrity of denittis is rubbish also. have a look at his stats and they are just as good as fernandos.
    we need to support the team and the coaches!

  4. Hi Paul, since we are giving suggestions, I suggest you focus all your energy on what you do best, what ever that might be. It is clear that you do not have an understanding of football and nor are you qualified to write about it. Your articles are a representation of how anyone can write about anything online, this babble would not have been published anywhere 30 years ago. When you begin to write about tactics and the incompetency of the coaching staff and others around the club, then and only then will your work be looked at in a semi serious light. It is just plain lazy to take cheap shots at the players........

  5. Some interesting points there. I don't think I've ever claimed to be some kind of expert - this is mostly opinion based, and from the point of view of a supporter of the club, not some sort of self-professed master tactician.

    I'm aware that my devastating lack of football credentials means that some people will never take anything I have to say on matches seriously, and that's a fair position to take. Not one that I necessarily agree with, but a fair one nevertheless.

    Still, if my singling out of what I perceive to be the poor performances of certain players is incorrect, I would love to see details of what people think is wrong with the club on and off-field.

    All that's been provided so far is blame pointed in other directions without much meat being put to those bones, from people who claim to know better. The opportunity is always there for someone with a different opinion to put it forward. Would be happy to publish it as long as its not defamatory of course.

  6. Anonymous,
    Maybe you should take this blog off your bookmarks if you dont like the opinion of it.

    Obviously u cant keep away.
    Keep it real....tsa !


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