Sunday, 3 May 2009

Where's my umbrella? South 0 Oakleigh 0

I lent it to Steven last week, so he could walk home from the Hume City game and be at least a little dry. Now it's not that I'm desperate to have it back - I have several brollies and another one similar to the lent one but with a hook end instead of just a straight and short end - I guess this is just my way of saying, we had our chances today, plenty of the ball, but couldn't score. Oakleigh play pretty crappy football, and rely on individual spark rather than any sort of method. Ah well, Magic at home next week, and three pretty important points to pick up before our seemingly customary three week mid-season away spell.


  1. I think this was Gains' first ever South match. Good on him for sticking it out after watching such slop on his debut.

  2. Hooks v Straight ends. Didn't realise it was such an issue until i also lost my hooked umbrella a few months ago, and my brother in law gave me one that was straight.


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