Friday, 22 May 2009

First vs Second in Darren Millane's (PBUH) backyard - Round 12 Dandy vs South

Last Time They Met

South Melbourne Stripy Shirts 0
Dandenong Christina 1

Rama own goal.


How should I put this... this guy I've been working with on several radio projects this year for school told me that he'd never heard me laugh. I thought that was a preposterous statement to make, but it did trouble me - almost as much as missing out on using the line, 'well, it's because you're not a very good comedian' - one of those barely awesome witty remarks that one typically thinks of. And then the next day I accidentally caught up with an old classmate, Dominika, and we started having a natter about various things, and I brought the incident up for some stupid reason - stupid because she ended up agreeing with it, and making the comment that I liked making fun of people.

I then said to her, who do I make fun of, no wait, that could be a long list. She said that it wasn't so much perhaps making fun of, but picking at people's work... and then we got sidetracked, because she was referring to the Writing Selves class (the best subject I've had the privilege of being in) we were in, were we supposed to be critiquing others people's work. I was just far more insightful, honest and fair than the rest of the class who tended to write works that were simultaneously solipsist and almost entirely about other people... a feat in itself, if only they'd done it on purpose.

So in my public relations class later that day, through various plausible digressions I ended up talking to my tutor Simon about the time I had a panic attack at a student union election after party, partly induced by me being in a small room in which I was the pretty much the only person not drinking - while a fair few others were rapidly getting trashed on Tia Maria and playing Pictionary... anyway, the point of this story is... well I don't know. It's just something that's been troubling me, a minor existential crisis of sorts. Should be a good game this week. I just never realised that my reputation at school of being such a miserable sod was that bad.

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