Monday, 18 May 2009

A Little Lucky For Mine - Georgies 1 South 1

A fair few people are happier with this result than I am, and I can understand why, what with the poor ground conditions and tight dimensions of Chaplin Reserve, as well as playing a side more used to the hit 'n' hope/crunching style of play that suits such conditions. Taking that into account though, I still felt we weren't quite up to scratch, and that we'd be happier with the result rather than the performance, and vice versa for the Georgies. Clear 2nd by a point halfway through the year, and away trips in the next two weeks to Dandy and Heidelberg which will either set us up for a real double chance shot or send us back into the pack. Nine games unbeaten though, which is showing we can ride our luck a little and grind out results when we need to.

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