Friday, 21 December 2018

2019 memberships available / it's not plagiarism, it's a reprise

Like last year, they're out quite early, and this time via a no-frills, easy to use website. I've already bought mine - naturally it was the full voting rights membership.

So what do you get this year when you sign up? If it's anything other then the voting rights membership, all you get access to is entry to however many home league matches you've paid for. Voting rights members however get access to all home games, including home finals and home FFA Cup matches.

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On that point I made sure to screenshot that bit of the membership offering so the next time someone makes an attempt to say that it wasn't written down anywhere, or that we members misinterpreted what the brochure says, it'll be there in digital print, not that it will make any difference, because it certainly didn't in 2017, and it didn't make a difference in 2018 when it came up in conversation with a club employee, but moral grandstanding is fun to do.

Voting rights members also get a 60th anniversary scarf, a set of postcards, and two complimentary tickets to bring a friend to a game, which is a good idea provided you a) have any friends, b) they don't come to South games, and c) they would want to come a South game for some reason. One thing noticeably absent is the 10% members discount in the social club which while I'm sad to see the discount go (if indeed it does go), it won't make much difference to me and I imagine a few others, because the system was incredibly erratic when it came to actually deciding to recognise cards.

As for merch, my mail is that there will be pompom beanies, but I've been waiting for a long time for these, so I'm not going to celebrate just yet.

According to the club's social media outlets, life members, family memberships, and corporate memberships are being sorted out this weekend.

As for the moral/heartstrings arguments for buying a membership some have tried to apostate and lapsed followers alike after our most recent failed A-League bid, rather than write something new, I'm just going to copy and paste something from 2016

  • Economics - if you plan to attend a lot of South Melbourne games at Lakeside, it probably makes sense to buy a membership.
  • Stickin' it to the New Dawn - pretty self-explanatory this one.
  • Supporting grass roots football - weird notion that I can't really get my head around.
  • Malice - you need to buy a membership in order to abuse someone on the board. I can understand that feeling.
  • Self-loathing - probably a little bit of that for everyone.
  • Misplaced hope - mistaken belief that your purchase of a membership in some way helps us with our top-flight ambitions.
  • Sense of civic duty - whatever floats your boat I suppose.
  • Force of habit - the money seems to just leap out of your bank account at the same time each year.
  • Warms the cockles of your heart - that's that just a metaphor or something. It won't work in actually protecting you from the cold during the winter. Better off with a jacket, scarf or beanie kind of deal for that.
  • Guilt - you feel you haven't been good to the club over the past few years.
  • Hellenisation - You want to take the club back to 1966.
  • Broadbased and compelling - You want to take the club to 2066.
  • Hellenistic - Like Alexander the Great (the Macedonian general, not that mob on Catalina Street), you want to spread Hellenism to all parts of the world, and see it influence and be influenced by all it comes into contact with.
  • Philhellene - You love Byron, but since neither the romantic movement nor poetry have much cultural cachet in Australia, you've ended up with the next best thing. 
  • Lack of suitable connections - you like soccer, but you also happen to be one of the five people in Victorian soccer who don't have a media pass or season pass allowing you free entry into every ground.

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  1. Why would you release a membership package without all the membership categories included? It smacks of rushing something out quickly before Christmas in a very basic and unsophisticated manner. We just keep falling behind other NPL clubs who are starting to pull ahead of us.


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