Wednesday, 26 December 2018

11 years

Boy, this was an exhausting year. Apart from everything else that happened to the club, blog output was decidedly lower in quantity and often of middling quality. Here's hoping for upturn across all areas next year.

Nevertheless, there are people to thank.

Thanks to Josh McKenzie for his filling in for me with a match report when I missed Kingston away; and for sneaking in to the Altona Magic friendly more recently.

Also to Savvas Tzionis for his guest match report from round 1.

Mark Boric, Garry McKenzie, and The Agitator for various historical things.

Football Nation Radio for asking Ian Syson and myself to host the If You Know Your History show.

Thanks also to Ian and Matthew for getting me over the line - at last! - for my doctorate.

All readers, comment leavers, content sharers.


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