Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Friendly tonight against Bergers, in Broadmeadows

As per the club's tweet below. At least this one has been made known to the public, as opposed to some more recent friendlies, which have been both closed and open at the same time. I probably won't be there - because it's in bloody Broadmeadows on a weeknight - so if someone attends and wants to post a summary here, let me know.
Also, the club is also doing its annual informal Christmas get-together this Friday in the social club, with festivities kicking off at 7:00PM.

Also, the last episode of If You Know Your History for 2018 is available here, where we talk about a Peter Fitzsimons style anti-soccer article from 100 years ago, have a chat with Tasmanian soccer writer Walter Pless, and take a look at the online history offerings of the various state federations.

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