Thursday, 20 December 2018

Bus interchange informant - Heidelberg United 1 South Melbourne 4

Some people depend upon Twitter for pre-season match info, others depend on data scout services, and in the past some may have even gone by what was on this blog - but these days I might as well rely upon quasi-random encounters at the local bus interchange.

Not being there in person at Broadmeadows for our friendly last night, I'll trust the club's official Twitter account story that the senior men beat the Bergers 4-1, with goals to Gerrie Sylaidos, Manny Aguek, Dean Bereveskos, and 'a trialist'.

My accidental informant, who happened to attend the game, tells me that Bereveskos' goal was a cracker, and the trialist who scored was the Englishman we've signed/are looking to sign who has played in the Spanish second division.

Score lines mean little in these kinds of things, especially when it comes at this time, with Heidelberg resting some players and being a little behind where we are in terms of their pre-season preparations.

For what's it's, our friend says that apart from the scorers noted above that our lineup included at various times Norton, Adams, Konstantinidis, Howard, Schroen, Krousoratis, Lambropoulos, Roganovic (Bray on the bench?), Pep and Gio Marafioti. No sign of Minopoulos or Mala.

I think there might be one more pre-season friendly to close out the year on Saturday, but I'm not on top of those details; as usual, I'd check more reputable sources for details/

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