Friday, 2 August 2013

Hope it doesn't rain - Richmond vs South tonight

Well, here we are again, on the other end - hopefully - of our annual mid-season slump, and with the familiar slog of trying to storm home into the finals.

Knocked over Thunder last week. Now on to Richmond who are a better unit than they were when we - I suppose we can still use the word 'we', even though so much has happened since then - hauled ourselves off the 0-2 canvas and beat them 3-2.

The weather forecast says rain of some sort. Already been two fixtures there messed up due to the elements. If the game does go ahead, bring a brolly, because there ain't much shelter. Failing that, leave the car at home and bring some cash to splash at the bar while the weather does its thing.

Apart from the game, another highly anticipated part of this fixture is the food. My experience of their canteen this season is that it's gone downhill in a big way, but we'll see tomorrow I suppose.

I was going to talk about Neos Kosmos naming shenanigans, but we'll save that for another post. NPL stuff will likely take the form of a massive article for Goal Weekly.

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  1. Here on Lesvos, this game is all the rage.

    Savvas Tzionis


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