Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What You Missed Last Night At Beachcomber

Miss the members info sesh last night at Beachcomber? Here's the gist.

Pretty much sticking to the line that we're all united and that we shall overcome. But this issue is so volatile, it's hard to know what will happen.

Social Club and the Lease
Apparently, hopefully ,'1-2 months' away from finalising the deals so we can get on with this. Government and the Trust tried to make the deal better for themselves; we had to 'peel back the layers' of the additional stuff they had added, in order to try and get it back to what we want. One of the issues is the requirement of signing all four agreements simultaneously before anything gets done.

We think the Memorandum Of Understanding we signed and agreed to is a foundational/binding document of sorts, and that it has legal weight. Our counterparts on the other side of that ledger don't seem to think that. Court action seems unlikely. Pavilion issue out at Middle Park seems to have been sorted out. Football exclusivity apparently maintained.

My thoughts went back to January when we were told that we were close to signing off on everything back then. The ox is slow but the earth is patient and all that.

Offered $7 million for the Heart licence. Heart rejected that offer. Offer now withdrawn by South. Assertion made that we had been asked by the FFA to discuss bid takeovers with the Mariners and Heart. No comment made on who or where the money would come from.

More or less club sticking to its story with regards to Tsolakis, Matthews and Byles. Confirmation that Andy Vlahos and Dimi Hatzimouratis have walked out. The rumour that Fernando had also left was categorically denied.

From me
Much rolling of eyes, raised eyebrows, cynical expressions, snide remarks. Some occasional laughter. Bemusement at prices. The odd question asked.

Very civil meeting, until there was some passionate 'debate' at the end. I expected a lot worse. This club continues to confound me.

I'm entranced by the fascinating collision course of the melding of oldskool members and new junior parent types. Like two galaxies running into each other, it's unknown whether we'll end up tearing each other apart or if we'll create a new super galaxy. Please be super galaxy!

That S.M. Hellas constitution probably needs some updating. Who's up for making some amendments?

Never did find out if that curtain was soundproof.

Further to this

Leo informed me that it was done over a year ago.

Under 21s
Lost to 3-1 Pascoe Vale last night in a catch up game.

Final Thought
A child is a mass of cells and tissues and muscle that will grow up and will become Jack the Ripper or the president of the world. Maybe. More likely it will grow up and become a dole statistic. Worse, it will grow up and become an accountant.

from Loaded, by Christos Tsiolkas.


  1. No chair throwing or rubbish bin kicking antics?


  2. great session only marred by an "old school" who thinks that only his say should count and "new members" shouldn't.

    I have been a member now for 4 years, i love this club. People like that "old school" member should be thankful of new members...

    Disgraceful comments

    1. It's a conservative club, and the people who have been there for awhile are protective of it. Doesn't justify everything they say or do when they try and show how they're protective of it, but that's one of the places that kind of hostility comes from.

    2. I'm also glad that at the previous AGM and the info session last night, that were new members there who were willing to show an interest in how the club is being run.


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