Monday, 12 March 2012

When Officer Friendly Comes Calling

Tucked away in an entry last week, we warned you that a South Melbourne flavoured mudslide was ready to flow down FourFourTwo mountain. Unlike the article referred to last week, this latest article, by the mysterious 'Staff Writer', does have real world consequences for South supporters, unlike that other Clive Palmer related nonsense.

It looks like the introduction of a supporter code of conduct is gathering pace. This has been an issue that has been around for many years, and which has always been viewed with suspicion by the people most likely to fall foul of such rules.

And until recently, the club has had a dreadful record in making disciplinary action stick, that is when they've even bothered to dish it out. Rather than go off half-cocked though, I think we should wait and see what exactly the club has in mind.

Of course there will be questions - such as how will this be any different to the FFV's code of conduct?

Will foul language be targeted? Will foul language in Greek be targeted?

Will talented, handsome, but prone to roguish behaviour media volunteers have the rules applied to them in the same way as their non-volunteer friends?

Is any of this necessary when we're at a 'major events' venue where specific laws already exist to deal with offenders?

And is it true that some fans are considering bringing flares back to games, not realising they could be up for a fine in the realm of $6,000?

And is it true that there are security cameras and people operating them just waiting for some dolt to do something stupid?

So many questions, and not enough information. Not quite yet, anyway.

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