Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fuck the Hellenic Cup

Seriously, it's fucken fucked.

We were supposed to play the runner up of one of the north-west groups. Turned out this was Altona East, but they've pulled out due to a lack of players.

Rather than award us the win on a forfeit, apparently the Hellenic Cup committee have tried to wrangle the third placed team from that group, Brunswick City. At the time of print, there was no definite word on whether they would agree to play.

So, if you make the trek out to Clayton South today, you do so under the full realisation that South may not play a match today. As founding member of the Public Transport Faction, I refuse to take the chance that there might actually be a game today, and make a 90 minute slog for probably no good reason. Was happy to deal with heat, rain, the blatant ripoff entry fee and even my team's substandard performances, but this crap is one step too far even for me.

Jim Massis, you're a good bloke, but fuck it, I'd rather we just enter the Eastern Lions or Casey Cup comps next year, even if the Hellenic Cup is the only thing we've won since our last VPL title..


  1. a 'friend' of mine has been to brothels that were better organised.

  2. Indeed, fuck 3XY, keep talking about A-League dickwads.


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