Sunday, 18 March 2012

Model of efficiency; Shopping Trolley Shenanigans

Trundled out yesterday all the way to South Dandenong to watch us play our last friendly game before the real stuff starts next week. First surprise - we didn't play on the main field, but on the one behind the stand. More of a rural atmosphere, what with trees hanging over the edge of one side the field.

The game itself - we had all of two shots on goal, and scored from one of these. Dandenong peppered the goals, and fed through their new college superstar recruit on the counter, but they also only managed one goal. Our defense was makeshift, so whole it struggled to contain and clear the ball, there's plenty of of experienced players to come into the squad.

Judging by their approach to the game, Dandenong are pumped for this season after last year's relatively poor effort. Craig Elvin still allowed to get away with murder. Hopefully the refs start clamping down on such players across the league. I'm not holding my breath.

Public transport in the south-eastern suburbs - or Dandenong at least
Well patronised, punctual and effective.

Until some idiot leaves a shopping trolley on the tracks before Huntingdale station on the way home. Cue the train smacking into said trolley, being damaged, and after sitting idle for about 40 minutes (or whatever it was), then dumping us at Oakleigh (because in the driver's words, the train was being held together with a stick). And there's also some probably pseudo marine corps dude giving me greasy looks for who knows what reason.

Another story to add to the public transport filebook.

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  1. It took until the grand final for Elvin to get what he deserved. Still won the title though.


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