Friday, 15 July 2011

Kiss of Death, Special Edition - The Kliment Taseski Fiasco

How could I not come out of my shell for this one.

The FFV are slowly becoming the game's worst enemy. They wrote the rules, but fail to interpret them as written. How the hell do they expect clubs and their 'associates' to understand them?

I am talking about the FFV's brainy idea to deduct Oceania Club of the Century South Melbourne three points for allegedly fielding an 'ineligible' player in Kliment Taseski, who is on loan from A-League club Melbourne Heart. It seems that within 48 hours of making the moronic statement below in a smartarse kind of way on Facebook, they have decided that they made an 'error' in regards to the rules and have reversed the minus three points deduction, as of 4:43pm today (Friday).

Let this be a lesson to the FFV.
a) Do not use a social media tool to make smartarse comments.
b) Read the rulebook that YOU wrote and understand it.
c) Do not deduct points on a whim, as this happens nowhere else in the world of football.
d) Scrap the whole points deduction 'scheme' and let clubs play the game on the park and not off it.

Finally, I believe Oceania Club of the Century South Melbourne FC, deserve both a written on paper, and a written on Facebook apology. Its fans and other footballing fans alike deserve better from the Federation that is administering football in this state.

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