Thursday, 14 July 2011

South deducted three points for fielding ineligble player

Things go from bad to worse. The club has been deducted three points for fielding an ineligible player in last week's 1-0 loss against Richmond. The relevant player is Kliment Taseski, whose loan period with us apparently finished on July 4th. We were apparently notified of this on July 5th, but proceeded to play him on July 9th anyway.

The one slim chance of having this overturned is that during the transfer window, we applied for an extension to his loan. Logically however, I would imagine that the loan period would have only been extended to this point in time. I mean, surely even the FFV could not be that incompetent to have not accurately read its own player data?

So, taking that into account, and assuming that the FFV did not make an error, the blame must fall on the people responsible. The pretend coach Eddie Krncevic, the real coach Joe Montemurro and footballer director Ange Dallas. Because it's their job to know who's right to play and who isn't.

You wouldn't knowingly play a suspended player. And the responsibility for getting a team on the park is their job. No one else's. It's what they get paid to do. They've been delegated that task because that's how it all works. And if they're not held responsible, then the whole lot of them, from top to bottom, should probably be thrown out.

All the facilities, hard work and scrambling to stay alive is pointless if we don't have the merest hint of respect for ourselves and our primary purpose which is, after all, to play football and be pretty damn good at it. And to be brutal for a moment, we've sucked balls for most of the past five years. Something has to be done.


  1. disagree with 1 thing.
    Wouldn't make the coaches responsible for this debacle. At the end of the day, it IS football ops responsibility to inform the coaches who is and who isn't available.

  2. it is all the coaches fault. if they stay on next year it will be an injustice to vaughan coveny, who at this point in time had more points (with a 6 point deduction) time to go eddie and joe, thanks for...well...not alot really.

  3. here here i agree eddie has to go so does ange who has no idea and maybe the bord who have no idea.

  4. Why would you even have to use an ineligible player against a team that doesn't even train until 8.00pm any more?

  5. got our 3 points back, sitting 2nd, yet still you imbeciles want everyone at south gone! Remember, if not for our unlucky injuries, we could have been top. With our full team in we are the top side in the league.
    Coaches have done a great job considering the amount of pressure they have to deal with every week


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