Thursday, 14 July 2011

Kiss of Death, Round 20, 2011 - On Strike

The Kiss of Death is on strike indefinitely - read on below to find out why.

Scotch Watch
In a normal world, Bentleigh's win last week coupled with South's loss would have seen the Greens draw within a point of South in this contest. But this is Victorian soccer, and therefore we are in a permanent state of being through the looking glass. And thus courtesy of being deducted three points for a fielding a player in a game they lost anyway, South finds itself behind and on the ropes.

  • Bentleigh Greens, 5th place, 33 points, goal difference +7
  • South Melbourne, 7th place, 31 points, goal difference +3
Kiss of Death on strike
Hello fellow readers.

I have received countless emails this week by people (big betting sharks) requesting that I withhold publishing more Kiss Of Deaths, and they stop betting on the VPL due to the way it is run by the people who supposedly run it. In other words, I am on strike along with others.

I will however give the people who run the VPL a bit of a serve. I know you people read my column, I know you people read this blog, and I definitely know that you people have no clue. A background of myself. I have been following this game for over 29 years in Australia and have been involved with various clubs in all capacities.

I’m going to start with the FFV’s Customer Service Charter. Particularly point 1 under Section 4, “FFV will be seen in and engage with the football community”. Absolute bullshit. The only time you people are around the “community”, or the grounds is when it’s finals time and you get the gate. Other than that, I am yet to see anyone from the FFV at any VPL games, or at any lower league games.

Next is the ‘Abuse you may Lose’ campaign. Another bullshit idea to come out of headquarters. How can a spectator be responsible for causing a team to lose three points, if all they are is a spectator? How can a club control a person from doing something that isn’t foreseen? I wasn’t aware that clubs had mind reading abilities, or that clubs were required to have a minder for every spectator that entered a venue. This is a bullshit policy that cannot be policed. This is a policy that must be dropped from the game unless it is an easily identifiable person who is associated with the club in an official capacity. A simple spectator who pays his $12 entry fee cannot be responsible for a club being docked points. Points are won and lost on the field of play, not on the terraces or tribunals. I don’t know any other league or situation where a club has been docked points for the acts of fans, other than in Victoria. This is an absolute disgrace. Drop it now! Along with this way to lose points, is the administrative points deductions. How can a club be deducted points for late payments? Fucken ridiculous.

Run the FFV like a business, but don’t let it impact on the team ladders. Players train and play hard, all for the FFV to deduct points because of some crappy rules. Have you people ever thought of running a survey on the players and seeing what they think of the idea of losing points? I can guarantee that you will see that even the players don’t agree with what you are doing. Go on, ask them what they think.

Finally, the tribunal process. What a joke this is. For those of you who have had the pleasure of sitting in on the most mundane, ridiculous and boring tribunal hearings, that are staged at the FFV, you will know where I am coming from. Independent tribunals, eh? Is that why after all the arguments are heard, the parties are asked to leave the tribunal, while the FFV staff stay in there with the 'independent' tribunal? How about revamping the tribunal with people who understand the culture of the game, and who understand how the game works?How about accepting precedent, and being consistent when handing out judgements?


  1. Nah but seriously, how do you predict the Oakleigh v Richmond game to finish?

  2. I'll just add that our match against Hume is this week's VPL Live Match of the Week.

  3. Boo.
    the game will finish 2-2.

  4. Close, but no cigar.

    You must have thought Diaco would convert the pen.


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