Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kiss of Death, round 17, 2011

Scotch Watch
Both teams had wins last week, so the gap remains four points. Bentleigh have improved their goal difference, but time is running out. I had a quick chat with Lucky Chrisomalidis, the other side of this wager, and he told me that allegedly offered to hand over the bottle of scotch to the Kiss of Death a month ago. Was not able to ascertain the accuracy of that before the Kiss of Death handed in their previews for this week.

  • South Melbourne, 3rd place, 31 points, goal difference +4
  • Bentleigh Greens, 6th place, 27 points, goal difference +5

The evidence seems damning, but the lack of a red is standard in the VPL

Oakleigh Cannons vs Heidelberg United
2nd vs 4th. Well, well, well. Looks like the willies are starting to catch up with Oakleigh. After watching more than half of Oakleigh's games this year, I’m happy to say that I was right when saying they are not playing well. They were depending on long balls last weekend in their 1-0 loss to South Melbourne. You do that when you have run out of ideas. How Hatzikostas was not sent off for his elbow to Joryeff's head is beyond belief. Heidelberg had a 3-1 win over Dandenong, who have appointed Chris Taylor as their coach for the remainder of the season, after the departure of Stuart Munro who’s on his way to an A-league assistant's job. I will be at this game on Friday night and look forward to a hack match. Plenty of wild tackles, plenty of showmanship from both coaches, and plenty of goals. Oakleigh Cannons 2 – Heidelberg United 2.

Hume City vs Green Gully Cavaliers
1st vs 5th. Hume the form team, take on Green Gully the yearly finals contender. Hume demolished Northcote City last week 2-4. Green Gully had a 4-2 home win against the lowly Richmond. I expect Hume to race to an early lead at Gully just like they did last week at Northcote. Hume City 3 – Green Gully 0.

Richmond vs Springvale White Eagles
10th vs 12th. Both teams are coming off losses this week. Both teams are in somewhat relegation trouble. Games like this just don’t interest me. Richmond 0 – Springvale White Eagles 2.

Dandenong Thunder vs Northcote City
8th vs 7th. Munro out, Taylor in. A welcome to the blog to Chris Taylor. You don’t know me, but you’re most likely reading this. You have a tough task ahead. Northcote being your first. Your new team lost to Heidelberg last week, and Northcote also lost. I doubt you will be able to beat Northcote, but good luck with your new job. Dandenong Thunder 1 – Northcote City 3.

St. Albans Saints vs Bentleigh Greens
11th vs 6th. A tough task for Bentleigh. A less than convincing 4-0 home win against a 10 man Knights last week is hardly a call for celebration. St. Albans had a win in the Balkan derby last week beating Springvale 0-2. St. Albans will go three in a row when they beat Bentleigh, after their midweek 6-2 win over the little punks at the VTC. Kaman Dinamo. I need this win for my scotch. St. Albans 2 – Bentleigh Greens 0.

The kind of Elbow that this blog's creator prefers to see (and hear).
Melbourne Knights vs South Melbourne
9th vs 3rd. Good to see South beat Oakleigh last week. The midfield is 80% back and we look like we are playing. Good to see the introduction of Fernando last week, but bad to see the injury to Junior who looks like he’s done that muscle just above his ass cheek, the one named after that Roman Emperor Maximus. I can announce that Edvard Krncevic is a reader of this blog. I witnessed for the first time this season Edvard going off from the bench, barking instructions, arguing with the ref, and actively supporting his team like a coach should. Velkom Edvard. The ref last week was woeful. Listen kid, you might think you look like Cristiano Ronaldo with those big cubic zirconias in your ears, but you can’t ref for shit. How the hell did you miss the elbow on Joryeff when you were right in front of it? I heard and saw it from the scoreboard end. This will be no walk in the park for South as Somers Street is always a tough gig, but I think we will have enough to beat the Knights. Melbourne Knights 0 – South Melbourne 3.

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  1. I can confirm, the bottle was offered to be upgraded to a Johnny Walker Black Label and taken from now, at St.Albans v South, as the score was coming through that Bentleigh had lost 3-1 away to Richmond back in Round 7.


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