Thursday, 9 June 2011

South announces squad for Singapore Cup trip

Despite hitting a new low, there's little time for recriminations. While most clubs will be enjoying a weekend off, South will be traveling overseas to once again take part in the Singapore Cup.

The club has released details of the squad set to travel to Singapore on Friday. The boys will be playing the J-League club Albirex Niigata's S-League based feeder side. There's no Fernando (hamstring), no Payne (also hamstring) and no O'Dor (final law exams) - and only one goalkeeper. There are also injury concerns over several of the key personnel heading over there.

I'm not sure what to expect to be honest - our form has been poor for a few weeks now, and our opponents are an unknown quantity to me. The boys are apparently raring to go, so hopefully that counts for something. As usual, the entirely foreign weather conditions - a beyond stifling humidity in particular - will be just as big an obstacle to overcome.

The game is on this Sunday at 9:30pm Melbourne time (which is 7:30pm Singapore time), and the club is apparently looking to once more provide a live internet radio broadcast. South of the Border wishes the club and everyone heading over there all the best, and hopefully it's not two cups exited in the space of a week.

And can we at least not humiliate ourselves to a club with a mascot resembling Plucka Duck dressing up as a Japanese schoolgirl? Thanks.

2. Thomas Matthews (Defender)
5. Daniel Vasilevski (Midfielder)
6. Steven Topalovic (Midfielder)
8. Carl Recchia (Midfielder)
10. Kliment Taseski (Forward)
11. Jesse Krncevic (Forward)
14. Steven Weir (Forward)
16. Trent Waterson (Forward)
18. Marinos Gasparis (Midfielder)
20. Daniel Dragicevic (Forward)
21. Zaim Zeneli (Goalkeeper)
23. Sebastian Petrovich (Midfielder)
25. Kyle Joryeff (Forward)
33. Bobby Russell (Midfielder)
80. Meyer Carlos De Camargo Junior (Defender)

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