Friday, 10 June 2011

Josh Colosimo also heads to Olympia

Once again thanks to Walter Pless. Josh will be joining Jake Vandermey, who left a few weeks ago.

Olympia Warriors have signed 19-year-old defender Joshua Colosimo from South Melbourne Hellas.

Colosimo has been cleared and registered and will play against league-leaders South Hobart on Saturday.

He joins another South Melbourne player, Jake Van Der Mey, who was signed several weeks ago.

Both players will play at the back for Olympia and this will shore up a defence that is statistically the worst in the league.

Olympia have conceded 32 goals in 12 games, which is more than any other side.

Olympia moved off the foot of the ladder last weekend when they beat second-last Beachside 3-1 at home at Warriors Park to change places with the visitors.

The club is believed to be pursuing a third South Melbourne player to bolster their attack.

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