Friday, 18 February 2011

Kiss of Death, Round 1, 2011

How about that? We bid a fond farewell to the Kiss of Death last year, as it sought to pursue bigger and better things, but then realised that this blog is the be all and end all of Victorian soccer. Whatever helps me sleep at night I guess. Good to have the Kiss of Death back, now with its own merch.

After a short hiatus and many requests, I have decided to rejoin the South Of The Border blog with my weekly Kiss of Death segment. This year I will be going all out in naming and shaming and leaving it up to the editor-in-chief to decide if he publishes it or not.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Northcote City - Jack Edwards Reserve
I will be at this one on Friday night. Key point of interest for myself will be Arthur Papas. The youngest senior coach from VPL to Provisional League 2. I'm interested to see the team he has built, and how they react to his tactical approach. As a youngster with a well filled resume I will be expecting a lot from him. He is the new poster boy of every young aspiring coach. I wish him every success in the future. Why am I saying future? Because I only give him six weeks at the Cannons. Northcote will be the same as last year. Counter attacking, long ball football straight to Rixon. They were exciting at times last year, but I don’t see them making the finals this year. There are only so many times where they can ride the wave of luck. Oakleigh Cannons 1 – Northcote City 2

Richmond vs Heidelberg United - Kevin Bartlett Reserve
Will Kevin Bartlett show up to this one? Who cares. Will anyone show up to this one? LOL, two major powerhouses of Victorian football battle it out on a Sunday arvo down at KB Reserve. The Bergers did well during the Hellenic Cup finishing second behind South Melbourne. I haven’t seen Richmond this year, so I don’t really know what they are capable of. Richmond 2 – Heidelberg 2.

South Melbourne vs Green Gully Cavaliers - John Cain Memorial Reserve
About time we get to play these guys early on. South is coming off a win at the Hellenic Cup, and Green Gully is coming off a ? no idea. Controversy down at South the last few weeks with Rama being shown the door. I’m here to make people money, not to discuss politics. South is looking good from what I’ve seen and will be a serious contender for this year's championship. A couple of weak points, but nothing of major heart failure status. South Melbourne 3 – Green Gully 0.

St Albans Saints vs Hume City - Churchill Reserve
Ole! St Albans Saints are back in the VPL albeit one year overdue. They are looking a bit shaky. I saw them lose to Altona Magic a few weeks back and was not really impressed with my fourth favourite team in Victoria. They will have some teething issues early on but I think they will survive the drop and most likely be a mid-table team. Hume City has been quiet from my perspective. Haven’t had a chance to venture out to Broady and they haven’t been playing anywhere close to me. This one is kinda a blind tip. St Albans Saints 0 – Hume City 3.

Melbourne Knights vs Dandenong Thunder - Knights Stadium
Have looked at both lists, and nothing really fancy to talk about. Hopefully the Knights are a little more competitive this year. Dandy will struggle. Will survive the drop, but only just. Melbourne Knights 3 – Dandy Thunder 1.

Bentleigh Greens vs Springvale White Eagles - Kingston Heath Soccer Complex
The 2 relegation bound teams fight it out early on, which is a good thing kinda. Gives one of them some hope and false belief that they actually are a good team. Bentleigh don’t look anything special. Were pretty poor in the Hellenic Cup and didn’t really show me anything. Bentleigh Greens 3 – Springvale White Eagles 3.

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