Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mirabella Cup announced by FFV - requisite whinge follows

So the good old FFV managed to pull a surprise out of the proverbial hat by announcing the return of a cup competition to the Victorian season. Details are still fairly sketchy, but here's what we know.

  • According to the FFV, it will be open to all clubs - I assume this will also include regional areas, considering the emphasis on 'statewide' - but clubs must choose to enter the competition, and there are entrance fees involved.
  • The amateur clubs - that is State League 2 and below - will sort themselves out first, with the semi-professional clubs - State League 1 and the VPL coming in at stage 2.
  • The competition will include Melbourne Heart and Melbourne Victory, who will come in at the quarter final stage.
  • It has half decent prizemoney - $50,000 apparently, though I'm not sure how that will be divided.
  • It's not the return of the Dockerty Cup - it will be something that 'builds on the traditions of the Dockerty Cup', whatever that means.
  • Apparently Mirabella International, global leaders in the manufacturing of light bulbs, have committed to support the competition for ten years.

And now for my complaints.

  • Short notice much?
  • Where are these games going to be held?
  • When are these games going to be held? 
  • What happens with postponements? 
  • Why couldn't they keep the name Dockerty Cup with the sponsor's name attached at the front?
  • If Victory fans screw up, will the fines go towards the FFV coffers or FFA ones?
  • Gate money? Security? Referees?
  • Will members of the amateur VicSoccer system, which is not affiliated with the FFV, be allowed to compete?
  • Why couldn't this have been organised before the fixtures came out?
  • Seeing as every club in the FFV system is being asked to pay a fee for participating, are the two A-League outfits also being asked to contribute?
There are people out there that are saying we should be glad that this sort of thing is back at all, and I suppose they have a point. I just wish it had been done in such a manner that all the details could have been made available on announcing this initiative, and not have people scratching their heads as to how it was going to work.

That, and keeping the Dockerty Cup name and trophy. Oh, well.

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  1. This has been sent out by the FFV to clubs:

    Football Federation Victoria is excited to announce the introduction of the Mirabella Cup, a knockout competition modelled on the famous Dockerty Cup to the Victorian Football Calendar from 2011.
    With thanks to naming rights partner, Mirabella, the future of the competition has been secured for the next 10 years, the partnership providing the necessary start-up capital and prize money to take us through to 2021.

    The tournament will start on 26th March, with all men’s clubs from around the state invited to enter from today and will culminate in the chance to play off against either Melbourne Victory FC or Melbourne Heart FC from the Quarter Finals Stage.

    The proposed format of the Mirabella Cup will be as follows:
    A staged process, with early competition taking place between amateur Clubs, before the introduction of semi-professional teams from State League 1 and the Alanic Victorian Premier League and finally the Victorian Hyundai A-League sides – Melbourne Heart and Melbourne Victory – from Quarter Finals Stage The initial stages will take place within the FFV’s Zone structure (8 metropolitan and 4 regional Zones) Team Entry fees applying to all entrants.
    o State League 2 down will be $200
    o State League 1 and Alanic VPL teams will be $500
    o Hyundai A-League Clubs will be $2,000 Only one team may be entered from each Club, with the team paying the entry fee relevant to their Club’s highest level of competition Home teams will cover the referees fees and event day requirements when fixtured at their ground A total prize pool of $50,000 will be available to teams which make the semi-finals and beyond Matches will be drawn randomly within the Zone structure The final structure and fixturing of the Tournament will be subject to the final number of team entries received

    Clubs will be able to submit one team per club via the online form and team entries will close on 4th March, 2011.

    If you have any questions regarding the Mirabella Cup and your team’s entry please do not hesitate in contacting FFV on 9474 1800.

    We look forward to receiving your team’s entry.

    Kind regards,
    Football Federation Victoria
    Level 3, 436 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Vic 3004
    PO Box 7488, St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Vic 8004, Australia
    T (03) 9474 1800
    F (03) 9474 1899
    ABN 97 592 993 965


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