Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hellenic Cup finals schedule

Going by the match programme, this is what the Hellenic Cup finals day this Saturday should look like - but knowing how the Hellenic Cup has gone this year, who knows how it will actually turn out?

  • 10.00 Youth Final - Heidelberg vs Bentleigh
  • 11.45 Veterans Final - Bayside Argonauts vs Lalor
  • 1.30 Women's Final - South Melbourne vs Ashburton
  • 3.15 Minos Cup - Belmore Hercules vs someone or other
  • 5.00 3rd vs 4th Playoff - Oakleigh vs Bentleigh
  • 6.45 Hellenic Cup Final - Heidelberg vs South Melbourne


  1. Who knows how many mistakes I've already made?

  2. Call Jim Massis
    0427 312 478


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