Sunday, 20 February 2011

Comical finishing extravaganza - South 1 Gully 1

This game could have ended up 4-4; it could just as easily ended up 7-7, thanks to some atrocious finishing and shaky defending. Both teams would be glad to get away with a draw to open the season.

Jesse Krncevic gave us the lead with a nice finish, the kind of stuff that we missed so much last year (and the year before, and the year before that...). Nicky Jacobs got a surprise start and did well, before being subbed for what reason I don't know. Sardelic got the no. 1 keeper's spot, and made a hash of several moments. Trent Waterson came on late and looked terrible. The defense was messy and failed to deal with the diagonal balls being played by Gully.

Fernando looked sluggish - though he did hit the woodwork twice, he fluffed a golden chance one on one with the keeper where Nando, racked by uncharacteristic indecision, allowed the keeper enough time to nullify the chance. Supposedly new players from the A-League to come soon - from the Heart apparently, while a couple of other players are waiting for clearances.

Clarendon Corner returned to their patch inside the ground after self-imposed exile of sorts. Rama was there, and got a rousing reception from them. They had some banners about injustice. For some inexplicable reason they started chanting my name before the match started. It's headed straight to the lead for best chant of the year. I'm an egoist

Next match against Springvale White Eagles on Friday night in the middle of nowhere. Half the fun for my posse will be getting and back. The other half will be seeing how we deal with a side who had raging hot pre-season form and yet has coughed up seven goals in it's first two games.

Dinner was Es Teler on Swanston Street. Nasi Uduk - coconut rice, fried egg, chicken soup, fried chicken. Not too bad. Washed down with Jus Pisang - banana smoothie made with condensed milk. Tasted good, but I drank mine too quickly and almost gave myself a brain freeze.

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