Thursday, 20 January 2011

Google Translate

This is pretty much only for the Greek speaking and reading folks out there. Some random reader recently translated a post in here, which in turn translated several of the labels on the right hand side. See if you can figure out what they're all supposed to be, and have fun. I was going to be in a lot more, but decided to go for what I thought was the cream of the crop.

  1. Τώρα Ακρόπολης
  2. Όλα τα λευκά
  3. Brisbane απεργούς (my personal favourite)
  4. Πασπαλισμένο με φρυγανιά Πικάντικες Πτέρυγα κοτόπουλο
  5. Doug Καφέ
  6. Frankston Πεύκα
  7. Κατεψυγμένα δάκρυα 
  8. Πράσινο και του Στρατού Gold 
  9. Καταπράσινη ρεματιά
  10. Χαϊδελβέργη Φίλε Laser 
  11. Hooped Κάλτσες 
  12. James Σπανός 
  13. Φιλί του θανάτου 
  14. Μεγάλα Έργα Βικτώρια 
  15. Ο κ. Cleansheets
  16. Κανείς δεν μας αρέσει εμάς δε μας ενδιαφέρει 
  17. Φυστίκι Man
  18. Κολοκύθα Eaters Σπόρων 
  19. ΚΠΡ
  20. Πίνακας αποτελεσμάτων  
  21. Sno Κώνοι
  22. Η ηλικία 
  23. Δυτικά του Σίδνεϊ Μούρα
What it chooses to translate is too random. Some Greek names are entirely in English; others half and half; others still, entirely in Greek. The same word or phrase will sometimes be translated into Greek, while other times it's just left alone. And then, just when you thought it couldn't get any stupider, some obviously not-Greek names, like Ante Kovacevic, get the full Greek treatment. Going through this has also reminded me of how much crap I have written.


  1. Really curious about

    12 Who was James Spanos? Rare? Empty? Blank?

    1. 5 = Doug Brown

      8 = Green and Gold Army

      10 = Heidelberg Laser Dude. A bloke who was pointing a laser at goalkeeper, during the 2010 pitch invasion game.

      12 = James Spanos. It's a long story... basically some woman turned up early one day to a game, apparently because her boss's son was playing. She asked myself and the Kiss of Death if we knew of a James Spanos, to which we said 'no'. She then repeated the question, even spelling our Spanos 'S, P, A, N, O, S'. To this day neither the Kiss of Death or I have any idea who she thought she was there to see, or how she came to the conclusion that a James Spanos was playing for South Melbourne's seniors. The Kiss of Death suspected that she'd been sold a bullshit line by her boss about the boss' son playing in the seniors. If true, that still doesn't explain why she felt the need to turn up.

      19 = QPR, Queens Park Rangers

      21 = Snow Cones, which we were selling at a family day.


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