Friday, 21 January 2011

South of the Border - Your completely unofficial sorta home of the 2011 Hellenic Cup

Hi everyone. I've noticed that there are a few people visiting here looking for information on this year's Hellenic Cup - mostly because thus far the official site has not been updated with information. In the event that this situation is not sorted out, I will attempt to update this online file with the results from the tournament. There is also a link to the file on the left hand side above the 'show racism the red card' image.

It will not be instantaneous - I'm not affiliated with the Hellenic Cup committee in any capacity. It will not have tables - you'll have to use your imaginations for that. But I'll try my best and see how we go. Results should preferably be posted in this thread on soccer-forum or sent to or chuck it the comments section. Thanks.

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