Thursday, 20 January 2011

2011 Hellenic Cup kicks off this week

They've weeded out a few of the weaker teams this year with qualifiers prior to the main tournament. We're in the South East section this year, which will be played at Bentleigh Greens. In our group, Southern Suburbs, Kingston City and a qualifier. Below is our initial schedule. For more detailed info, please see this document, kindly provided by one of our loyal readers.

  • Sunday 23rd January, 5pm, South Melbourne FC vs. Southern Suburbs SC
  • Thursday 27th January, 8:30pm, South Melbourne FC vs. Qualifier
  • Sunday 30th January, 5pm, South Melbourne FC vs. Kingston City SC


  1. SHAME ON YOU HELLENIC CUP COMMITTEE!!!with dirty tactics to flush out Seres from the competition.
    Seres Won 1st Leg at HOME 1-0 vs Darebin.SC 2Leg Lost 2-1.
    However should of advanced on AGG 2-2.

    The Hellenic Org committee decided after the game to swap the legs, meaning that the first game at Home for Seres was its away game.
    Below are there dirty tactics

    1. Seres was placed in AWAY change room in 2nd leg
    2. Match sheet indicated before it was amended after match that 1st Leg was Seres Home leg.
    3. Match boards at the 1st leg venues had Seres as HOME TEAM and Seres as AWAY in 2nd Leg

    Clearly Hellenic Cup doesn’t want small teams qualifying for the group stage!!!!

  2. Pretty serious allegations there, and a disgrace if true.

    What's just as confusing from my point of view is why they felt it necessary to have two legged qualifiers? Surely one match should have been enough?

  3. Seres is based in moordialoc how can their home game be in St albans. Some dirty tactics here for sure. Can someone from the hellenic cup clear this?

  4. I live near the Westvale Olympic ground in St Albans and was at the game yesterday.

    What I witnessed after the game with the absolute robbery by the Hellenic Cup Committee was an absolute disgrace!!!

    Seres have every right to be upset, they have been robbed!!

    FFA, Vic Football should investigate this and expel the committee.

    Its sad that this tournament doesn't have sportsmanship behaviour from the top..

    Also they play a 2 leg system with 2 rds of qualification, first round was last weekend in which Seres won 6-4 on AGG.

  5. Beaumaris are the 'Qualifying Team' in this group.

  6. Now that the tournament is over, I've removed the results/fixture link.

    The winners from all sections

    Youth - Heidelberg
    Women - Ashburton
    Veterans - Bayside Argonauts
    3rd/4th Place - Bentleigh
    Seniors - South Melbourne

  7. Now I'm being told that Lalor won the veterans comp. Praise science that this thing is over.


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