Friday, 18 June 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 15 2010

Tell us how you really feel, Kiss of Death...

Bentleigh Greens vs Sunshine Georgies
This game will end in a bore 0-0 draw. Both sides are pretty crap and Bentleigh once again showed me nothing against South last Friday night. They have money so they will do well……said someone. 0-0.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs South Melbourne
South Melbourne to finally get a win down at Green Gully Reserve. Will be a tough task as usual, with gale force winds most likely, but the South win will be the only odd event of the day. Green Gully 0 – South Melbourne 2.

Northcote City vs Altona Magic
Northcote City will be no match for a re-vitalised Altona Magic. BAPDAP is on the warpath and have hit their straps at the right time. Northcote City 1 – Altona Magic 4.

Dandenong Thunder vs Oakleigh Cannons
Dandy Funder entertains the Cannons on Saturday night at 8pm down at wherever they play. The league leaders Oakleigh are still not convincing enough for me to put my hard earned on. Dandy continues to have a miserable season, but if Munro and his mates get a quick goal in this one, then consider the game all wrapped up. Dandy Funder 1 – Oakleigh 0.

Melbourne Knights vs Hume City
The Knights need a win and need it quick. I couldn’t fathom seeing such a great club playing in State 1 next season. What I can fathom though are Hume losing on Sunday down at Somers St. CROOOO-AAAA—TTSSSSIIII---AAAA . Melbourne Knights 2 – Hume City 0

Heidelberg Utd vs Richmond
Bah. Possibly the only game I don’t give a dead dingo's donger about. Bergertrons 1 – Richmond 9.

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