Sunday, 20 June 2010

Not even close - Gully 2 South 0

That was pathetic, one of the perfiormances in years. Out-muscled, out-coached. The first half in particular saw next to no midfield presence. The defence, overwhelmed by the constant attacks, did well to somehow keep the score at 0-0 - though one of Gully's misses had to be seen to be believed. The 2nd half was not much better. We got a bit more of the ball, but did next to nothing with it. Kyle Joryeff repeatedly got out of and then back into trouble with some terrible decision making. The strikers had limited supply, but also failed to present themselves in any meaningful way. When eventually we gave away a penalty, after being caught out for the umpteenth time, it was a relief when it went in (and counted...). Not a single shot on target, and never looked like it. A resurgent Dandenong Thunder is next up, and if we're to be any chance, a change in the game plan and a change in attitude is requited. Fifteen minute bursts are not adequate.

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