Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fernando Strikes Again - Greens 0 South 1

A really entertaining game in difficult conditions - apart from the rain, which fell consistently throughout the game, the field itself was in a terrible state, with the ball playing dead in some areas and bouncing with venom in others. Both sides had chances to open the scoring before De Moraes' curling shot from the edge of the box in the 85th minute, but I felt we were the better team for the most part. Rhodri Payne for mine was immense at left back, probably the best game I've seen him play. Steven O'Dor  came off injured midway through the first half. De Nittis seems to be getting into the awing of things again - though how many times have we said that here? He also needs to time his runs just that bit better to beat the offside trap. Rama was fairly solid as well 0 it's pleasing to see how he's come along, in that he now understands how to perform an aggressive tackle without the recklessness that characterised some of his efforts in bygone years. An important win - albeit against an opponent seriously on the slide - especially being a catch up game and all, three points bagged in a tight season made unpredictable by the flurry of point deductions. Next week Gully away - a chance to break our longstanding drought there.

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