Wednesday, 20 January 2010

While trying to find tender information for Lakeside's redevelopment

I stumbled upon this passage from the Parks Victoria website.

The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Albert Park 18 Hole Public Golf Course and Driving Range, the Bob Jane Stadium (home of South Sydney FC) and several ovals are also located in the park.

Makes one weep, perhaps.

But anyway, I did find out some tender info, courtesy of the Major Projects Victoria website. These are some of the people who'll be working on the project.

  • H2o Architects - architect
  • Felicetti Pty Ltd - structural/civil engineering
  • Irwinconsult - engineering and ecologically sustainable development services
  • LandDesign Partnership Pty Ltd – landscaping
  • Sports Turf Consultants - turf consultants
  • Tiger Turf - synthetic turf contractor
  • Ten Buuren Irrigation Design - irrigation consultants
  • Traffix Group – traffic
  • Wilsmore Nelson Group – certification
  • Architecture & Access - disability access.

Of course, we already told you some time ago that H20 Architects were on board. Interesting, perhaps, that Tiger Turf got the job for the synthetic pitches, upon which work has already started, and are due to be completed early this year. Here's all I could readily find on the State Sport Centres Trust, our beckoning landlord of sorts. Enjoy.

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