Friday, 15 January 2010

South Melbourne 4 South Hobart 1 beta

This was more a scratch match kind of deal. There were a small smattering of senior Hellas players in the ostensibly under 21 line up, and according to the report from Walter Pless' blog, South Hobart mostly fielded a youth line up as well, putting on some senior players on the 2nd half. The game itself wasn't too crash hot from Hellas. There were some nice touches, but there was also some fairly sloppy play. We lead 3-0 at half time, but it wasn't like the visitors didn't have some of their own chances, poor finishing letting them down. They were a bit more up for it in general, and they out in several borderline strong/rough tackles. They scored the final goal of the match. Goalscorers for us, Ahmet Turer, Gianni De Nittis, Joe Keenan, Yusef Yusef. Andy King was the man with the consolation goal for the visitors.

During the match, I asked someone with some responsibility if we could go down there next year. He said it's already been agreed to. So now we have twelve months of feverish anticipation; will it yield disappointment or the return of South on the road? Who knows. Of more immediate concern is tomorrow's ridgy didge game between the senior South Melbourne and South Hobart sides, kick off at 5pm.

Also, be like me, buy your membership. I bought me a South Gold, partly for extra cash that goes to the club, partly because there are elections scheduled for this year.

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