Tuesday, 19 January 2010

South to be acknowleged as 20th century Oceania's greatest club

Apparently FIFA botched their Centenary celebrations by not having this casual soiree in 2004, so they're making up for it by acknowledging our awesomeness - and that of some other pissant no name clubs, I think one of them's called Royal Madrid or something - by inviting us to dinner and handing out some golden trinkets.

The other clubs to be invited are Penarol (Uruguay), Asante Kotoko (Ghana), Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) and CD Saprissa (Costa Rica). The body which made up the criteria is the FIFA recognised, International Federation of Football History & Statistics

Full media release on the South website. They've been sitting on this one for a while, and they're all very excited, and rightly so. Of course, people from all angles are putting their own spin on this honour, but that's the way the game's been played. I'm going to try and enjoy it for what it is, on its own terms. 

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  1. FIFA recgonised? That's a bit rich. Boy did I buy into the club's propaganda, lol.


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